Shaking It Up: NiNi Disbands

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Earthshaking events this week have thrown the diplomacy and balance of W52 into turmoil!

Which tribes have emerged advantageous?

Where have the ex-NiNi players gone?

Is the war really over?

Let’s get started with this week’s blog.

World Map – Top 10 Tribes

With NiNi disbanding from the rank one position, all tribes theoretically move up one rank. -MM- moves from second to first, a title they lost back in November. Likewise, B52S and WET move from third and fourth to second and third, respectively. Incidentally, on the 25th, WET lost nearly twenty players to B52s, giving the latter hugely extended territory. WET did not return mails asking about the situation.

Moving on, here’s where things get interesting: Phat makes its debut in the top 10, soaring from the twelfth position all the way to fourth. We shall certainly be seeing some interesting data on the Power Rankings this week!

Bush and -SWAT- have swapped places, as have P.S. and CCH.

Both Plague and CCC (the latter of which having been somewhere in the top 10 for several months now) have now left the map, to be replaced by our old friends from SOHK and RIM. CCC’s disappearance has left quite a hole in K41 and K24 :o

We can track this week’s progression with this handy GIF:

(pardon the poor animation :$)

Additionally, the Top 20 players has also been shaken up drastically. Before, in a list that was primarily made up of NiNi players, we now see a Diaspora to other tribes.

According to TWstats, NiNi disbanded on 2/23/11 at 16:08:39 (ST). We’ve now had a few days to see how things have shaped up in the aftermath.

Where did players choose to go after NiNi’s internal structure failed?

As we can see, the majority have actually deleted or have yet to find a new tribe.

There’s a few other surprises on that list as well: I wasn’t expecting WET or CCH, who were previously at war with NiNi, to recruit at all.

TAC is a newly founded tribe in K43 – we’ll see how they fair there surrounded by THINK, Bush, WET, and Phat.

In all honesty, I was not aware that GHOST still existed :P

When asked if they considered the disbandment of NiNi a victory, -SWAT- duke Lavrikan3 replied, “Yes, we got k25 and will get k24… now NiNi is not backing up CCC.” He continued,

“We aimed to get certain ks from our war. We now have those so our objective is completed. We will secure our ks for now.” –Lavrikan3

However, we must remember that -SWAT- declared on both NiNi and CCC (who is now redubbed as THINK, returning to their roots, it seems). Lavrikan3 said that they “won’t stop, no chance” attacking THINK members. We’ve already seen THINK take a loss in rankings with the disbandment of NiNi – will they be able to survive in the new diplomatic scene of the area?

-SWAT- has also recruited dearly from our comrades in Plague. The late duke of Plague, Harrydon, explained the semi-merge:

“I created that tribe and would of liked to stay in it and see it hopefully to success but a lot of issues occurred in the tribe with quite a few members and I just didn’t enjoy it anymore.” –Harrydon

-SWAT- has already emerged as a huge northern power, and if they continue to move west and south, we could easily see a conflict with Phat or -MM-.

Although -SWAT- may not be intending to pursue attacks on the ex-NiNi players now residing in other tribes, the same may not be said for CCH and WET. Both were unavailable for comment, and I’m sure they’re both planning their next moves.

Phat duke, Coplayed By A Horse, did not seem unduly concerned, saying that “every contact with WET and CCH that [he’s] had so far has been positive.”

On Phat’s motives for recruiting the players that it did, Coplayed By A Horse said

“Location mostly, obviously they are mostly very good players… The k33 part of NiNi was actually doing pretty good despite the overall situation of their tribe… We’ve got a funny shaped cluster now all together but no one is locked in so badly that they have nowhere to go.” – Coplayed By A Horse

-MM-, who also snapped up a few NiNi members, also was not worried about the potential consequences harboring refugees could cause. Duke Demented Intentions (speaking through the Borg1966 account), cited similar reasons for recruiting those that they did as Phat:

“We have always had a good relationship with the NiNi players, obviously the players that we have recruited are all skilled players who like teamwork so they fit right into -MM- being in a neighboring continent.” – Demented Intentions

Being rank one, -MM- does not have much to fear, but at the same time, another coalition similar to that against NiNi could easily pop up. On defending -MM-’s players from WET, CCH, and -SWAT-, Demented Intentions said

“If they come at them we will respond however I would hope that those tribes can see that this is a different era, different tribe, different dynamic.” – Demented Intentions

Any number of things could occur in the coming weeks.

Phat vs. Bush, anyone? Phat vs. THINK? Will Bush finally be able to move east?

I also had the pleasure to chat with one of the coplayers of the Three Blind Mice account, Dazrield, as he is known on the external forums:

Syntex: I appreciate you entertaining this interview with me

Me: You are one of the coplayers of the Three Blind Mice account?

Three Blind Mice: Yes, the vocal one. My coplayer does do some mails, but likes to maintain a lower profile.

Me: Mhm, that is to say, there are only two people on your account? The “three” in your name is a bit misleading then :P

TBM: Originally we were three.. for about a week. There was me, Hunny Bunny who used to be basand’s coplayer, and a W46 player named Smintie.  I’m not easy to get along with coplaying.. smintie left after a week, hunny left around christmas about a week after we brought Janice into the account.

Me: Who picked the name “mice”? ((chuckle))

Me: Or blind mice, even

TBM: Lol, me. There were three of us.. and the name was untaken. I figured it was good as any other name I see around.

TBM: Not much of a backstory around it really

Me:  Mhm kk. What other worlds do you play on?

TBM: Currently none. I’ve played W5 and W46 fairly far along though. I’ve dabbled in numerous worlds where I joined tribes with great players whom I learned from along the way.  One of the best ways I found to learn was sitting accounts and making them tell me how I was to do what it is they wanted.

Me: That is a good tip for newer players

Me: Why did you chose to start on W52, then?

TBM: I love fake limits, and hate packets, churches and army camps.  I stalk fake limit worlds :P I think.. W17 and W25 were such, played both of them, but W5 got too intense and had to quit both times.

Me: Really? Can you explain why the fake limit setting is so appealing? :o

TBM: I like the strategy of it that it demands. I actually send fakes out like I do here in any world.. and they are just as effective if not more than those fake spammers that use scripts.   I’m not about making someone spend 20 hours of their day tagging 4k incoming. That doesn’t sound like much fun to me.

TBM: If someone puts the time into figuring out which of my villages are off and def, I’m sure it’d be a great advantage with the way I fake, if they do.. more power to ‘em. They deserve a little success for using their noggin.

Me: Sounds like a challenge to the readers ^^

TBM: Lol, only if I did things in a set manner. Adaptability is key. If someone stops me with how I do things, I’ll do them differently.

TBM: I do like a good challenge though, don’t have too much of that where I’m located anymore. Though there are some very skilled opponents. Just most of them are overmatched due to size at this point.

Me: Well, that certainly happens when you’re the rank one player. You may have hinted at it earlier, but why would you say you are so successful?

TBM: Well, I dropped to rank 2 actually. Damn internal noblers :P

TBM: However, I’d attribute my success mostly to knowing what most people are going to do before they do it. I’ve dabbled in many worlds as I’ve said. What I didn’t say is that in some of them I’ve purposefully been in noob tribes, been in top tribes, been in mediocre tribes, even tried my hand at spying once just to see what could be done. Alot of it is just patterns that keep repeating world after world. Mechanics and adaptability are great to have, but understanding your opponent is by far the best tool to have.

Me: My, that certainly shows that this game is about so much more than just sending tight trains and backtiming

TBM: It’s really as much or as little as you make of it.  There’s players that do well only logging in an hour a day.

Me: Speaking of choosing tribes, can you explain to us the choice of your new tribe, Phat?

TBM: It was a pretty easy choice. None of the other tribes really made sense.  There’s limited tribes bordering, the only real choices would’ve been CCC, Plague, or WET unless we wanted to have some crazy cluster far away from the rest of the tribe.  I’ve never even talked to anyone in CCC really, Plague’s own leadership wants to sell them out, and I’ve not seen anyone in WET post favorably about us, even after the leaders that were hated so much had left.

TBM: Phat has always dealt fairly with us, and kept their word.  That’s important to me in a tribe.

TBM: Oops, breaking news. Plagues leadership just sold them out. ((wasntme))

Me: ((chuckle))

Me: What can you tell us about that?

TBM: Lol, alot more than I’m going to ;)

TBM: It’s in progress, we’ll just wait and see how much of a merge it ends up being with -SWAT-

Me: Our readers love an exclusive

TBM: Well, it’s very chaotic there. One duke has stated he wanted to join -SWAT-(mr. mikey), another wanted to disband their tribe to better attack them(stephon), and the last said he had a backup plan for if they failed(harrydon)

TBM: I can only assume his backup plan was -SWAT- since someone just said he joined them :P

TBM: Their tribal profile would support that claim:


Plague was founded by harrydon, who joined -SWAT- recently.

TBM: But if harrydon was honest about his backup plan, then -SWAT- has been planning on recruiting top plague members since before Plague attacks on NiNi.  Definitely interesting.

Me: Worth investigating, I daresay

Me: Which tribe do you anticipate becoming the new superpower now that NiNi is no more?

TBM: -MM- without a doubt. I don’t see anyone challenging them for rank 1 for a long time without some sort of supermerge just for rank.

TBM: I wish them all the luck with that too, they were one of the few tribes that didn’t join in on the attacks on us.

Me: Well, we have had positive relations, I would say

Me: What goals do you have yet to achieve in this world?

TBM: I’m not really sure. I was surprised one day to find I was rank one when a tribesmate mailed me congratulations. Guess I’d been there for a few hours and not noticed as I was heavily involved in battle at the time.  I guess if I had a goal for this world that would’ve been it, but I’ve never really figured I’d make it there. I just want to attack stuff, I get so addicted to the attack reports.

Me: I’m sure many players would be surprised by that blasé attitude

Me: Well, we’re winding down here. Last remarks to the world?

TBM: Nah, don’t really have anything to add, hope I gave you some juicy material somewhere in all that :P

Me: Yes, thank you so much

Me: Au revoir

TBM: You’re very welcome :)  Best of luck with rank 1 :)

Me: Someday ^^

TBM: I meant your tribe :)

Me: ((blush))

Me: Right

Me: Lolz

TBM: And to you too if you’re after it ;)

Me: Amen

That wraps us up for this week!

I’ve been wanting to look at the SE for sometime now, but these last two weeks other material has came up that is more relevant. With any luck, however, that’s what you can expect in March’s first blog.

As always, feedback is always welcome ;)

Ah, and enjoy the Oscars this evening <3