~SA~ Disbands!

August 24, 2011 in World 037 News, World News, Worlds 31-40 News

Last Week one of the best tribes World 37 has seen disbanded. Read on for details and interviews.

‘~Silent Assassins~’ (‘~SA~’) was founded on 18th May 2009 and, after over two years of existence, they disbanded on 15th August 2011. It was one of their former leaders ‘rbos’ (through account sitting the player ‘Fraser-C’) that brought the curtains down on a tribe who have certainly influenced World 37 greatly.

They were a small group of players at the start, but eventually grew into an excellent and dominant tribe. ‘~SA~’ was founded by ‘stiian’ who quit less than two months after joining leaving ‘rbos’, ‘Tigrovi’, ‘Darth Uncle’ and eventually ‘whitebrow’ to lead and mould the tribe into the great force that it became.

During their time they have fought and conquered many tribes, some of them much bigger than them at the time. ‘FUR’, ‘TRM’, ‘KV’ and ‘pRo’ are some of the tribes that ‘~SA~’ have victoriously battled with.

The merge with ‘1ns4n3’ in March 2011 was the beginning of the end for ‘~SA~’. Nearly all of the key players from ‘~SA~’ moved onto the rank one tribe leaving very little left in terms of organisation and leadership, especially with ‘rbos’ and ‘whitebrow’ leaving for ‘1ns4n3’. Since then, they have remained at peace with ‘1ns4n3’’, however many players since have either left or quit or both meaning that the final few months of their existence were certainly not their greatest or proudest.

Quite a lot of the players left at the end were inactive and contributed very little or nothing to the tribe. Without the strong leadership that was present before the ‘1ns4n3’ merge, ‘~SA~’ could not operate effectively as a tribe. A lack of communication also assisted the downfall of ‘~SA~’; the activity in the tribal forums was minimal.

Since disbanding, the majority of the previous ‘~SA~’ players have remained tribeless whilst a few others have started their own. The most successful has to be ‘ANTI-’ who are currently rank three and contain three of the best and active players that were left in ‘~SA~’. It will be interesting to monitor what happens with the abandoned players of ‘~SA~’.

Below is an interview with ‘rbos’ who was leader of ‘~SA~’ for a long time and was the player who disbanded the tribe (through sit).

Me:  “Why did you disband ~SA~?”

Rbos: “Since the end of 2010 we’ve had some problems with council members and leaders quitting or stepping down and it left us with too few acting leaders to run the entire tribe. We tried keeping up the ~SA~ banner for our comrades but in the end we had to request our allies in 1ns4n3 to let our assassins join their ranks.”

Me: “Did you find it hard to end a tribe you built up so well?”

Rbos: “It was the very last of the last options to move the banner of ~SA~ into 1ns4n3. It’s been our pride and joy to run the tribe and it was a sad event so see ~SA~ disappear after all that time. But all good things must come to an end, and the assassins are still alive and kicking within 1ns4n3 so they’ll carry on – just under a new banner.”

Me: “What was the highlight of your time in ~SA~?”

Rbos: “I can think of many episodes and periods that were great to experience with my friends and comrades in ~SA~. Like winning wars and adding new comrades to our tribe as we expanded. We didn’t really have any breaks as we moved from war to war so it’s been one long continuous action-packed journey. “

Me: “What do you think was the greatest achievement of ~SA~?”

Rbos: “I think the entire process of making it from an unknown little tribe on the rim to become a power capable of affecting the world has been a great achievement. We won war after war even when many of those around us believed that we’d perish quickly.”

Me:  “What do you think will happen to those players that have been abandoned?”

Rbos: “I hope that they’ll show some activity and skilled war efforts that may make them possible recruits in the future. But some of those left out have not shown the required war effort so if they continue down that road then they’ll be treated like any other brown dot on the map.”

Me:  “Some people think that, in the future, ~SA~ will reform and reunite. Can you see this happening?”

Rbos: “1ns4n3 and ~SA~ have long been comrades and I already see us as having become one and the same after the assassins turned 1ns4n3. So I do not see any chance of a group of assassins leaving the insanity behind.”

Me: “Can the world learn anything from ~SA~ and their time on World 37?”

Rbos: “I believe we showed the world that it is not just the large and old tribes that continue throughout the world. Starting as a rim tribe from K41/K40 and such we moved our way through the rankings until we became a power in the west of the world to be reckoned with.
So it takes dedicated members, a tenacity to continue against the odds, and continuous effort to conquer ones way through a world. To just have many members and points at one point doesn’t equal being superior if one doesn’t put some effort into the game.”

“PS. I believe some people may not have understood the process which happened before ~SA~ disbanded. The main force of assassins moved to 1ns4n3 already in March this year and that was actually the end of ~SA~ as an actual tribe. No leaders were running the tribe or anything after that, and at that point the last remaining members were mainly the ones with war stats below the acceptable level at the time of the move. These individuals were given a chance to improve without being targeted by 1ns4n3 for a while as some of them had valid reasons for having been semi active just before the time of the evaluation. So the remaining members had to fight and find their own contacts to cooperate with. The actual disband of ~SA~ a while back was just the sign of the trial period ending for the ones given a second chance. Now they’ll have to do their best to fare well without being sheltered by the ~SA~ name.”

Me: “Thank you for your time!”

Below is another interview, this one with ‘Whitebrow’ who is another player that lead ‘~SA~’ for some time.

Me: “Is it sad for you to see a tribe you lead so well come to an end?”

Whitebrow: “Lead well? I don’t know about that, I did the best I could. Rbos, stiian and tigrovi lead it well. Is it sad to see the tribe come to an end? Absolutely! A lot of people put their heart and soul into that tribe and it accomplished a lot, sad is an understatement.

Me:  “What was the highlight of your time in ~SA~?”

Whitebrow: “There are so many! Probably kicking badgerblue out ok K50. But truth is every day was a highlight.”

Me: “What do you think was the greatest achievement of ~SA~?”

Whitebrow: “I believe I missed the greatest achievement as I was not in the tribe yet. But, for me it was defeating Powers. Always nice to destroy a tribe that believe they are the elite and that called you noobs the entire time that you fought them.”

Me: “What do you think will happen to those players that have been abandoned?”

Whitebrow: “I cannot comment on the players that were in ~SA~ at the time of the disbandment. I knew a handful and as I said I had nothing to do with them. Will I noble them? Not a chance.”

Me:  “Some people think that, in the future, ~SA~ will reform and reunite. Can you see this happening?”

Whitebrow: “I don’t think that ~SA~ will reform. If some of the disbanded members reform ~SA~ it is up to them. Those that are in 1ns4n3 are loyal to them, and won’t let them down”

Me: “Can the world learn anything from ~SA~ and their time on World 37?”

Whitebrow: “They go into the history of W37. ~SA~ fought hard, never bowed to anyone, played with honour and did not use underhanded tactics to get where we wanted to get to. Maybe we can be just a good example to tribes that new us in other worlds as to how to play the game.”

Me: “Thank you for your time!”

There you have it! The opinions of two great players and ex-leaders of ‘~SA~’ on the disbandment of their beloved tribe. It is sad to see such a prestigious tribe finally disappear but, it is certain, that ‘~SA~’ will go down in the World 37 history books for being an excellent tribe.

In other news, there was quite a bizarre event a few days ago on 21st August 2011. The Tribal Wars team incorrectly turned off morale and disabled the ability to restart on World 37. The settings were finally reversed nearly 10 hours later but the damage had already been done. Players grabbed at the opportunity to attack the smaller players in their areas of dominance. While morale was turned off, some smaller players were cleared who would have survived if morale had remained on. When morale was then reactivated, the larger players began to suffer again as their attacks began to hit with less effect due to the settings being reversed. I have spoken to several annoyed players who say that Tribal Wars should take more care when making big changes to worlds such as this one. Also, there has been a call for a faster way to report issues like this as 10 hours to realise the problem was way too long.

Also, the World 37 competition closed on Saturday and the three winners were:

1st Grieve7

2nd Gabrelion

3rd Elrojo

Congratulations to you three, your premium points have been distributed!

That concludes this issue of the World 37 Blog. Hope you enjoyed!

Thank you to ‘rbos’ and ‘whitebrow’ for the interviews!