Rum!! and -WM- Who are they?

October 23, 2010 in Uncategorized, World 040 News

So the results of the poll were in the majority for a blog on -WM- and Rum!! so thats the topic for the week. :) So lets take a week away from the eastern side of the world and take a look at the western rim where -WM- and Rum!! are located. Who are these tribes? What are they known for? Do they stand a chance of winning the world, I will be interviewing them to find out what they think, you can find out later on further in the blog.

-WM- Where did they come from?

According to twstats -WM- was formed similar to most rim tribes  a few months after the world opened on September 19th. From then on they slowly but surely grew into the tribe they are today. As of 10/21/2010 -WM- holds rank 7 with 50,550,972 and 26 members.
-WM- is know as the warmakers, they are a tribe that have taken on far larger enemies and not backed down. To get a better look into -WM- I interviewed nitto523. Click the spoiler below to see more.

nitto523 SelectShow

Rum!! Where are they headed(Aye we be pirates)?

Similar to -WM-, Rum!! started on the rim a few months after the world opened on September 12th. Ever since then they have been the pirates of world 40 and worked their way into the top tribes of the world. But the past few weeks have been rough for Rum!!, between the failed merge with -WM- and the heavy losses against NMS things don’t look so good for Rum!!. Rum is known as the pirate tribe, they speak in pirate on the forums. They are often known as the tribe that was always warring NMS and the tribe that hated family tribes, especially UN W40 Family. I unfortunately was unable to get an interview with Rum!!, but based on the interview with nitto523 the relations between Rum!! and -WM- are still good. Statistic wise Rum!! doesn’t look so good, but without anymore information from within the tribe I cannot go into further detail on how they are truly doing…

War Statistics

-WM- and Rum!! are both fighting NMS/CB family at the moment as their major war. Below are the statistics for both tribes individually and as a whole against NMS/CB family.

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Rum!! SelectShow

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All statistics above were calculated on 23/10/2010 at 10:30 server time and do not include any nobling thereafter.

If you look here you see that -WM- and Rum!! are largely outnumbered but based on the stats are holding great ground and gaining some as well even with the odds against them. These wars will determine much of the outcome in the north of the world.

Maps for the World

Tribes SelectShow

Not much has changed in the top 10 tribes lately, but the ranks have gone up and down a bit. With all the wars going on right now it is likely to change a lot soon.

Players SelectShow

The top 10 players have been overall the same lately, but there are quite a few players in a tight race in terms of growth. The big drop outs for the week are Lakewind and Jamie21s. Lakewind just seems to have slowed in terms of growth perhaps this is due to real life interference or the war with UN W40 is focusing growth towards that and they can’t grow as fast as they would during a peaceful period. Jamie21s became inactive and NMS started taking them out and UN W40 has struggled to defend or even noble villages before NMS gets a hold of them.

Well thats about it for this week. I wish I could have gotten a bit more insight into Rum!!, but for now at leas thats all I got for you all. :) I hope you all enjoyed the blog and if you have any ideas or suggestions please feel free to mail me in game or on the forums, Destruction Follows, or skype me Death-Around.

Thanks again guys. Love all the input I am getting and I always look forwarding to writing my next blog. Until next time good luck to all and their wars in 40.