Return of the W27 Blog

October 9, 2010 in I'm A New Blogger!, World 027 News, World News

Good day to you folks, it’s Zarin here from W27. After being dormant for too long, I have being the honour of taking over the W27 blog. Those who read my W27 Weekly posts will see that the bright lights and allure of a purple tint to my TW Forum name have lured me into doing a blog in its stead. For all those new to W27, I think you’ll find it’s a world like no other…

Since you’ve found your way here, and this is meant to be introductory in theme, let me pen a little more about me. I’m Ed (until I do change my real name to Zarin because it does have a little more panache to it) and I have been playing TW for almost 3 years now. W27 is the only place I call home these days, and it is my undoubted favourite of all the worlds I have played. On W27, I co-lead the top tribe, called Shadow and am the #2 player.

Since I have been doing the W27 Weekly for over a year now, it seemed rude not to take this post. Reporting the events of W27 has brought me a great deal of happiness (and stress) over my time, and the blog can surely only mean more publicity! It feels like I have been writing a long, long time about W27, but it still brings me a wry smile every Sunday. I hope my readers from W27 have thoroughly enjoyed the Weekly, and will enjoy my blogs.

To all those who are new to W27, I suggest you give the maps a little look; it’s a world unlike any other to my mind. For its history, and a look into the past weeks, you can find my world history and relevant issues of the W27 Weekly there.

I should like to thank macca who did this when it was in its infancy and look forward in trying to emulate him. I shall of course continue my theme of posting on a Sunday; look out for the blog tomorrow, and until then, take it easy.