Removal of Army Camps

October 14, 2010 in Announcements, Special Features

Dear players,

In version 6.0 we implemented a new feature called the Army Camp. Sadly the implementation has not been used as much as we would have hoped and did not influence game play as much as we desired.

It is with regret that we announce we have decided to deactivate Army Camps and in the future will completely remove them from the game.

The deactivation will happen on the 25th of November. Troops on the way to or stationed at army camps will be instantly returned. Attacks from army camps should hit as normal. We are currently unsure if gold coins can be refunded to players so advise not to donate more to the tribe than required.

This only really affects worlds 47 and 49, but does mean there will be no more worlds with army camps in the future.

We hope you had fun with Army Camps while they were in the game. We’re working on some new and exciting changes that we hope to bring you more news on as soon as possible.

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Best Regards
Your Tribal Wars Team