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Not a rock album by Lil Wayne, I assure you.

This week, we see the reformation of -MM- in the east, a threat to -SWAT-’s monopoly in the area. Plus, an investigation of the Smile / NOTA war.

Why has -MM- reformed, and what does this mean for -SWAT-?

What other eastern conflicts have been ignored in light of the -SWAT- drama two weeks ago?

Let’s get started on this week’s blog.

World Map – Top 10 Tribes

We are missing a map from last week, unfortunately, as I was away, but we can still track changes relative to April 16th.

Which, speaking of, are very little :p

Everyone has remained the same, save SOHK and Phat, who have switched positions respectively, and Smile and NOTA who have also switched positions. The map has not changed at all, with all tribes just growing as normal with general expansion and filling out of the world. We’ve also got the nice classic circle rim formation going on now fully, which has been developing over the last few weeks.

The Reformation of -MM-

Although the tribe never technically “fell” – with players Randdawg, Rouder, and Mr Manners remaining in the tribe even after the -SWAT- merge – it was not until 4/26, four days ago, and  twelve days after the -SWAT- merge, did -MM- truly reform.

Spearheading the effort are Ghanghis and IWillControl, who are now jointly leading the tribe. That may raise some eyebrows for some people, as those familiar with the situation will know that there has been some tension between Ghanghis and IWillControl in the past, to say the least. As I revealed in our last blog, Ghanghis accused IWillControl of leaking sensitive information to -SWAT- in the days leading up to the merge. Furthermore, IWillControl said that he had been in opposition to Ghanghis “when the council started flaming.” Even though IWillControl took full credit for ultimately organizing the merge into -SWAT-, it appears that he has had a change of heart:

“Dave [ex-leader of -MM-] and I had a talk and he reminded me of the promise I made that I would stay with -MM- till my last village was nobled. I failed that promise. I wanted to make up for it so I started planning on how -MM- could reform.” – IWillControl

IWillControl continued, saying, “Ghanghis and [he] started planning about 3 days after the -MM- exodus.” The two were able to set aside their differences and work towards a common goal.

“I had a very long talk with [Ghanghis] about the mistake I made and how I wanted to bring back MM. We got together and figured out how to get MM back.” – IWillControl

Although IWillControl acknowledged that the tribe, with only ten members so far, is not quite up to “its past glory,” Lavrikan3, -SWAT- duke, found the entire scenario highly amusing, chuckling at the question “Do you think IWC and Ghanghis can effectively lead a tribe?” When asked if he considered -MM- a threat to -SWAT-, he said

“No. Not at all – they’re their own worst enemies. They’ll destroy themselves.” – Lavrikan3

The only member who has transferred back from -SWAT- to -MM- other than IWillControl is Duncansco, and Lavrikan3 expected that no more members would be defecting, rationalizing that “if more were going to leave there would be no reason why they haven’t already.”

As you might have noticed in the above map, with the presence of -MM- in K46, there is now quite a rather large divide between northern and southern -SWAT-. On the topic of southern members leaving to -MM-, Grinder, a prominent -SWAT- southern member, said

“Everyone that I have spoken to is incredibly torn. There are so many things influencing decisions that its one of the toughest choices I will have to make in my TW career so far. There are things such as loyalties to friends, and what -MM- once was, but also the common thought that -SWAT- and Cops have a very good chance at winning this world. I for one am pondering this day and night, and I have no idea what my final decision will be. I think I speak for many southern members when saying this as well.” – Grinder

As a southern -SWAT- member myself, I can emphasize in the difficulty of making a decision about the future.

IWillControl said that “[he] will not be coaxing any -SWAT- members to join -MM-, but [with] the old -MM- members I have discussed returning to -MM-.”

In an effort to preserve relations between the northern and southern -SWAT-, Lavrikan3 has promoted Lawtonis23 to the position of southern war commander. Lavrikan3 did not think the isolation between northern and southern -SWAT- was a handicap, merely considering it “room [-SWAT- has] to grow into.”

In terms of future plans for -MM-, IWillControl said “[-MM- has] no intentions of warring CCH. To seek a war with the -SWAT- family would be illogical.” Lavrikan3 said that he would not disclose any future plans concerning -MM-, but I would find it hard to believe he could let them live and grow peacefully, especially if he needs to unite the two -SWAT- factions in the continent where -MM- resides.

Whether or not -MM- can attract more members to become a success, IWillControl ended with

“Nikki [coplayer] and I are always optimistic about our future. This is a war game, we are always ready for a challenge…  we have never been fearful of our location.” – IWillControl

-SWAT- / Mafia War

As we know, this conflict has been going on for some time now, though it was made popular by a recent forum thread discussing the statistics of the past week.

Looking at those ourselves,

Last Month

Last Week

Although the -SWAT- family has stayed on top of Mafia overall, in the past week it seems Mafia has begun to make a headway on them. What is most interesting is the breakdown between -SWAT- and Cops stats (Cops being the academy, or sister, tribe of -SWAT-). Cops is actually up 7 to 1 against Mafia this past week; -SWAT- is down 3 to 11.

Although we all like to root for the underdog, Lavrikan3 issued a statement to explain -SWAT-’s recent poor performance in that sector:

“It has been a slow process due to a few members there quitting… We are moving new members in to that area, and that is going well. Once those villages are built up it won’t be the same war.” – Lavrikan3

I failed to reach Mafia for comment.

Smile / NOTA War

Here, we examine the conflict between eastern rim tribes Smile and NOTA, the latter of which was previously known as T.E..

I was able to chat with Darkness of Souls, a baron of SR, Smile’s sister tribe. However, he has a differing opinion on the use of the word “sister”:

“Smile and SR are more than just sister tribes, we’re a coalition of friends, we watch each other’s backs, we help each other, it’s a mutual benefit on both parts. We support, attack and defend each other, but its more than that, at the end of the day, we’re all brothers and sisters, each of us bring something special to the table, each one of us has a special bond with each other.” – Darkness of Souls

The Smile family recently finished a war with FLIP, who have since disbanded. Thus, they were able to turn their full attentions to their northern neighbors. Darkness of Souls traces the background leading up to the war:

“We did have an NAP with them for a little while, if you could call it that, only a couple days later a train was sent at a member of ours. There’re a lot of other factors as well… I also have history issues with NOTA.” – Darkness of Souls

The axiom of signing a NAP is that one side usually ends up attacking the other :p

Darkness of Souls said that “[Smile] took a very cautious approach to NOTA and the hierarchy discussed over Skype what the plan was, who would be leading operations etc,” and their diligence seems to have paid off: they are ahead in the stats.

Last Month

Last Week

We see a similar theme here as in the -SWAT- / Mafia war – the losing tribe has made a comeback in the last week. However, here it seems the Smile family was able to hold onto their lead even in the past week when NOTA gained ground. Darkness of Souls said that attributed their success to “communication, friendship and skill.”

I was only able to get in touch with The New KING in terms of NOTA representation, but he cautioned to me that he wouldn’t be at liberty to speak fully as he is not in the hierarchy. However, he too spoke highly of his tribe, saying that “NOTA is up there with some of the best team players I have played with.”

Because -SWAT- is so close to both these tribes, it seemed natural that they would choose a side. Lavrikan3 said that has “no diplomatic relations” with NOTA, but a “standing” NAP with Smile at the moment. It is well known that The New KING, at least, is very outspoken against -SWAT-, which might have antagonized Lavrikan3 from NOTA. Lavrikan3 said that “if [-SWAT-] were to side with anyone, it would be with Smile. [He] like[s] Smile and like their leadership.”

As of yet, however, -SWAT- is not playing a military role in the war.

Hopefully in future weeks I readdress this topic with more input from NOTA.

I know I said I was going to be away last week, but I also did promise that I had something in the works to fill while I was gone. That didn’t end up working out, but I have hopes for a special extended piece by perhaps next week :)

Happy belated Easter, as well