PWO now a chromozome?

November 30, 2009 in Uncategorized, World 028 News

PWO (the Peguins Warrior Organization) has decided to change their name to XX and adopt a family and make the academy XY. Just their choices of letters makes me think that PWO has made themselves all female and put the guys in the academy. Seriously though, what is the point of changing the call signs?

Anyway, they have also decided to go to war with MTS in the south-west (what was =EON=). Meanwhile, Sith are at war with MTS as well, but more-so in the south-east. So far, Drink! and KK seem to be sitting this one out and playing neutral, though we all know Drink! would gladly help in eliminating MTS so that they are the only true superpower in the world.

Why does everyone permit Drink! to live and thrive? If they have more than double the points of any other tribe, it will be nearly impossible to take them down, especially with their alliance with XX and Sith.
We will see how things turn out in this war as things go on, I will hopefully provide stats on it in my next post.