~PWC~ Collapses!

March 19, 2011 in World 013 News, World News

In a strange turn of events, ~PWC~ has collapsed. With blatant cheating, even posted about on the world forums by their former leaders, constant bickering back and forth on their private forums and even tugs of war over barbarian villages…

Pokerface1712 built the original ~PWC~ to its glory of living on the east coast of W13 with wars that always ended in mergers of some sort and no real conquers of territory. ~PWC~ was feeling a little too comfortable it seemed, and their members were getting antsy, so what’s a good leader to do? GO TO WAR! except, they chose to go to war with their longest ally and the top tribe in the world, INSO.

In the beginning, ~PWC~ had the upper hand, getting amazing turn outs on mass attacking and forcing players to crumble under pressure. A feat that no one else in the history of World 13 has done before. ~PWC~ had found the weak links in INSO.

A few months into the war, with ~PWC~ leading in enemy captures, INSO was starting to gain momentum. By utilizing their support methods and tools that INSO created, they were able to slow down ~PWC~ expansion and in turn, accelerate their own.

Within days of INSO steadily capping more enemy villages, most of the ~PWC~ leadership decided it would be a good chance to jump from their sinking ship. No matter the reason behind it, they chose the exact time that they started losing, to simply quit the game and leave their members out to die on their own.

Glamazonia was thrust into a position that she didn’t want to be placed in… I would be willing to bet it’s not the first time that’s happened. ¬†She wanted to quit along with the others, but felt it was not the time to do so, seeing that her tribe needed her more now, than ever before!

Various members of ~PWC~ stepped up to INSO in hopes of being saved from their impending death. By offering troops, offering intel, even going as far as offering accounts. INSO reported the players who sent their login information and welcomed the incoming troops and information. Can you imagine? You are supporting the enemy with your troops, while your team mates are attacking the villages your troops are residing in? You are effectively helping kill your own tribe by supporting against their nukes…

~PWC~ pedaled along at a snails pace, while watching member after member hit the delete button, until the day came that they lost their external forums along with their attack tool and subsequently the old leader (pokerface1712) decided it would be a great idea to disband ~PWC~ and {E}. This aided in the construction of new splinter tribes, FFS!, ~PWC~, Regime and 187. Some remain tribeless, some went to PR and 2 are apart of INSO.

It seems that the difference in opinions between former ~PWC~ players is actually creating a civil war type situation, where former team mates are now in different tribes, and they think that the best course of action would be to fight each other instead of focusing on INSO who is simply marching into their safe zones.

Time will tell, but I think it’s safe to say that ~PWC~ and it’s former members are done and it’s only cleanup now. Time to focus on owning more K’s and end this world with our brothers & sisters in Riders!