Psudo-New CD Review

March 8, 2009 in Music

Look at that, i made a rhyme!
I feel accomplished now, perhaps i should just stop there, can only go downhill from that…

Anyway, A’ve gotten a few new-ish CD’s, and an actual new one, so i decided to talk about them, and you’ve decided to read, so it all works out in teh end, everyone’s happy and the cake doesn’t burn.

So, we’ll start with the newest one first, which would be The Fray’s newist self titled album(for those of you who didn’t catch that, the cd name is The Fray). Now, this group has always been one of my favorite bands, every music player i own has at least 5 songs by them on it. When i bought How to Save a Life, I didn’t think they could get much better. Ofc, i was wrong, or i wouldn’t be building up to this so much. Their new cd has some of the best work they’ve done on it. Their main single off of it, You Found Me, is now one of my favorite songs. You just can’t get much better than a band that has meaning behind their lyrics like these guys, and they know how to show it off. It’s great to see a band get big like them, but not get cocky as most tend too. I would recomend buying this cd for anyone who likes meaningful lyrics, smooth music and good piano playing.

Moving on, the next Cd i purchased was Shinedown’s newest one, The Sound Of Madness. Shinedown has always been a good band, with an unmached vocalist, but this cd shows his range well.  While the entire cd is good, if i had to pick a few songs to say were the best, it would be stuck between Call Me, which is a slow song, where all it is piano and vocals, If You Only Knew, which is a good bit faste, and includes all instruments, Second Chance, which has a good meaning behind it, and an around medium speed song, and The Crow & The Butterfly, Which is also medium, and shows off the singer’s ability to sing quite well. If you like Shinedown, and you want a bit louder than The Fray, but still meaningful lyrics, this cd will not disappoint.

Now, since i wanted two good reviews first, i have saved the cd that i really didn’t like for last. I have been listening to Theory of a Deadman for a few years, and i came accross a new cd from them when i was out, so i thought, “why not?” and picked it up. I loved their cd Gasoline, and was hoping to get the same. I was sadly mistaken. This isn’t to say that the cd is bad, or horrible, but it really wasn’t a great followup to their previous, which was very good. Now, i want to say positive things about all of them, so i will say that their lyrics are meaningful, and a few of their songs aren’t that bad, namely Heaven, Hate My Life, and Summer are pretty good songs, but i think the rest of the cd kind of deadens them. If you like Theory of a Deadman, and you are looking for more, i would suggest listening to the songs on something such as itunes or something before purchasing their new cd, just to make sure you want to spend the money on it.

Now, of course, my tastes in music aren’t the same as your’s. So don’t take everything i say to heart, i would encourage you to still listen to the songs through itunes/youtube or whatever before you buy them, but i can at least hopefully point you in a good direction.

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