Protect your pockets, there is a Gypsy in town. -W43

April 1, 2011 in World 043 News, World News

After a month of hibernation, another blog arises from the dark.

*sorry that this is late*

This blog will delve deeper the ongoing war between Ni and Gypsy. It will include insight from an Average Joe player from Gypsy and his take on the war.

This war has been a long and drawn out battle between the top 4 tribes and the top two alliances. Each side has fought sternly and is fighting to not concede any ground to the enemy. Although the Nuts! Ni alliance may be on the heels, anything is still possible.


Ryan- Thanks for agreeing to an interview. Care to start with your position in the tribe?
Protector_6- I don’t have an official position but I am heavily involved but I do end up somehow dealing with a lot of sensitive material anyway.
Ryan- Good, I prefer interviewing players over leaders. Mind telling me a bit about your past and current Tribalwars history? Favorite world, favorite settings, how long you’ve played etc.
Protector_6- Well I’ve been playing since June of 2006, but there were times were I would barely play. My favorite world thus far has got to be W43. World 1 was my favorite up until all of my friends quit, but world 43 still has some action and a great group of players along with my favored settings. Old school playing style and settings are, in my opinion, the best.
Ryan- On a more serious note, the Ni war thread was not much of a surprise to most. Ni and Gypsy seemed to be destined to start fighting once their allies broke out into war. Does Gypsy have a game plan going into this war to really get the nobles flying?
Protector_6- Of course we do, and our plans are working so far. Didn’t you see Nherzhull is quitting because of our pressure?
Ryan-  I have seen many players disappearing from Gypsy’s list of enemies. Many people think that the majority of the talented players join in the core, but that is not always so. Does Gypsy have any raw talent that just cannot be stopped once they get going?
Protector_6- Yes. We have a lot of hidden talent due to the merger between WB and Gypsy. Gypsy did a good job in the southwest while WB was able to get a good core of players in K41. We must have had some skill as Nuts! struggled with us, but if I had to name one player it would be Mordillo. He also came over from WB with me.
Ryan- In response to my question in my last blog, how much longer do you think this world will last? Who do you think the number one player will be when the time comes?
Protector_6- It will last quite some time yet, but I don’t know how long. First FRST needs to take out Nuts! which will take months and GYPSY needs to eat up Ni. But overall it will take at least months and after that it could take even longer, who knows. The number one player, although tough to answer, will probably remain Tribb, but that could easily change.
Ryan- Has Gypsy run into any insurmountable targets? Anything Ni has done that you find exceptional?
Protector_6- Not much aside from taking in Crookim who has a history of running from conflict. But even doing that, Ni really hasn’t done much to us while our attcks have certainly taken their toll on Ni.
Ryan- What about your battles with Nuts!? You are also ahead in stats there.
Protector_6- Nuts! haven’t one much to us. They are more than likely focusing on FRST and hoping Ni can handle Gypsy.
Ryan- That answers all of my questions, unless you have a side note that you would like to end with.
Protector_6: Gypsy is awesome. It’s probably one of the tribes I’ve enjoyed the most. I’ve been part of some really elite tribes like THE, which I was part of on 2 different worlds. Gypsy is a lot of fun, especially with as great a duke as echoesnightmare. It’s a pleasure being in Gypsy and hopefully the group will remain together for many more months to come. Time to push ahead in the war vs. Ni!




There you have it folks, statistics do not lie. Take from it what you will and enjoy the war for the world.