Philosophy:TW- Tips for Applying to the Blog

April 19, 2012 in Philosophy:TW


Tips for Applying to the Blog

As you are reading this, I hope you are up to the task of becoming part of the Blog team, an honor that includes both great responsibility and an awesome purple color on your forum name (wahoo!) in one package.

The Applicant

To become a blogger, you will need to have a certain level of control over both what you write and how you act. But that’s where the similarities end- being a blogger isn’t just for English majors living in their parents’ basements, it’s for anyone and everyone who can string together a catchy piece of writing and also report quality and current information on his or her world’s happenings and more. A combination of ability, willingness, and familiarity with the game, as well as a clean in-game and forum record is key to landing a spot on the team. Most importantly, you have to be YOU. As a team, the Blog staff is filled with people from all walks of life from students to salesmen to teachers. Your literary voice and your personality are key to being a good blogger through gaining respect and status in and from your world.

Bloggers must be older than (or equal to) 16 years of age. If you’re 15 and are mature, erudite (or at least, know what erudite means), and willing, you are welcome to try. You really must be extremely talented if you are under 16 for us to even consider hiring you.

It is also required that you understand the game or have played for at least six months.

By applying for the blog, you are committing that you have read our Code of Conduct and the various requirements listed in the application instructions. If you can’t see yourself blogging five to six months from acceptance, then consider waiting until your schedule clears up or your crazy life calms down (point no. 2- we like our bloggers sane).

Also, we really don’t like people who completely disregard proper grammar and spelling. We don’t mind if you have a mistake here or there, but please, please, PLEASE proofread and brush up on your English if you feel you are rusty. Likewise, trying to use large words you don’t know (often called the Thesaurus Syndrome) can also end up not very pretty. As I said before, be yourself (just don’t write in leet/1337 or ignore basic rules of English).

The Application

Your application IS your first impression. It needs to be clear, proofread, and honest. The information you give us in the application will not be shared with the team; only the Blog Administrator, Assistant Administrator, and Head Bloggers (as well as the administration, although they generally stick to their own turf) will be able to read what you write. Please answer all the required questions, although you may omit the optional ones if they are personal.

As the application is your first impression, we will use it not only as a source for information, but also as a way to judge your English skills. Be sure to use full sentences and proper grammar when writing your application… the more you can show, the better. However, as I said before, don’t try to do something you don’t know how to do… the rest of the blog team is here to help you, and we can teach you additional devices if necessary.

After the questions, there is an area for a Mock Blog, which is pretty much half of your application. We need to see what you can do, and this gives us an excellent glance at what your blogs could look like. Some major things to include in your mock blog are:

  • Maps (of the game, of noblings in wars, etc.)
  • Graphs and Charts (especially for war statistics)
  • An Interview (not necessary, but great to have!)
  • Current Events (describe how the world is)
  • War Statistics (with Analysis)

The one key thing to remember with your mock blog is to reduce bias as much as you can. Try to avoid bias-inducing phrases such as “I think” or subjective superlatives (best, coolest, stupidest, most awesome). It’s okay to write from more of an editorial standpoint, as long as you acknowledge both sides and try your hardest to not cast one in a different light than the other. Stick to objective things like score, relation, etc.


So, you think you want to be a blogger? Check out the application here and create a new topic in the Blog Staff Applications forum. We’ll look it over and get back to you. There are tons of reasons to blog, including the great community, the ability to meet with world leaders and talk over issues with powerful players, and more. Consider blogging today!


-Samulis, Assistant Blog Administrator