Philosophy:TW- Updates 8.4

June 12, 2012 in Philosophy:TW

Philosophy:TW updates to version 8.4

As usual in the ongoing hierarchy of improvements to Tribal Wars, a new version is out with some both controversial and long-awaited changes. First, here’s a list of the changes. Following that, I’ll discuss some of the most important ones and give my predictions as for what this will mean for the way TW is played… if it will have any changes at all.

Features and Improvements

  • added “Troop Decommission” feature that allows you to dismiss units you no longer need, intended for use in mid- to late-game village restructuring situations. Units take time to be released from service. This feature cannot be accessed by account sitters. Requires a premium account.
  • added table to “Request Resources” feature that shows incoming resources
  • added additional quests


  • added “ignore” button on individual command information screen
  • added “estimated return” on individual command screen


  • added information about Secrets of Power travel distance
  • clarified status of increased resource production
  • added behavior to icon of first quest to better indicate its location
  • a number of smaller usability improvements, particularly in the area of changing page sizes


Troop Decommission

For as long as anyone could remember, the suggestions forum has been clogged with the question “Why no delete troops? Can has delete butten?!?” In fact, the removal of extra troops has been such an issue that some players have villages or allied villages they stack with troops and then send extra troops in small parties at… a generally long and time-consuming method of removing extra men or reformatting villages for other purposes (such as making a defensive village into an aggressive village). While this issue does not generally plague the early player, removing those silly spearmen once archers and swordsmen and Heavy Calvary are about would save some time.

In the discussion thread, Community Manager Morthy notes “decommissioning takes 1/3rd of the recruitment time,” so it may just be more efficient just to throw your men against a brick wall than decommission them if you are purging a whole village, as noted by Dailen1- “Yeah I hope we get like 50% resources back or something like that, otherwise it’d likely be faster suicide the troops.” However, as noted by Blogger Harbinger, there are reasons to pick decommission over suicide, AND reasons to pick suicide over decommission, in a sort of case-by-case notion; “it should be faster to suicide troops than decommission, but decommissioning takes less RL time and less effort.”

I feel that many players will find this new feature helpful at the least, especially larger mid-game players. However, many will continue to favor the suicide method, as it can prove to be much, much faster. As the game progresses, a good balance will be found between both methods.

Estimated Return

No longer will players have to do the math of calculating the exact return of their forces in the field such as in the case of a long-distance dodge (as one might do when they are going away but want to keep a village from long-range attacks) or in seeing when to get support by.

New Quests

As the new(er) programme of introducing players to the game continually expands, the Quest system seems to be very useful. Presently, it is used in all the InnoGames games I have played, from Forge of Empires to Tribal Wars to Grepolis. The system balances completing tasks/spending resources/time and gaining resources/providing knowledge effectively and seems to be doing its job well. I hope these new quests will be helpful to new players, but the last time I joined a world, quests had just begun, so I cannot speak for the new additions personally.


Feel free to post comments here with your own thoughts, or add them to the discussion topic in the Forum and get your voice heard!

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