Part 2: World At War

May 14, 2011 in World 052 News, World News


Last time, we focused only on Bush’s wars that developed the week prior. Today, however, we will go into depth with Part 2, discussing -SWAT-’s conflicts with NOTA and SOHK that have developed.

Why did -SWAT- decide to attack SOHK?

Will -SWAT-’s involvement in the Smile / NOTA war tip the balance?

Let’s get started on this week’s blog.

World Map – Top 10 Tribes

Very dramatic changes this week, with the reformation of -MM- to the rank one tribe, which goes outside of the scope of this edition of the blog. Nearly all southern -SWAT- members have joined -MM-, and, as a result, Cops has fallen from the top ten to rank 14, and -SWAT- too has taken a hit, moving down to the third position.

Everyone else is still static relative to last week, accounting for the shifts down in rank due to the new number one tribe. The disappearance of Cops opened up a slot in the top ten, which was promptly filled by $hadow, WET’s sister tribe. The tribe can barely be seen on the map, hidden beneath WET.

-MM-’s rebirth and its impact on the world will be discussed in this weekend’s blog.


Although the physical landscape of the war has changed very little over the past few days, tribal dominance has shifted greatly. What was once -SWAT- and Cops is now almost entirely -MM-, and -MM- holds even more territory in this map than the -SWAT- family did because several players from P.S. also joined -MM- during their reformation.

We invest time in discussing -SWAT-’s relationship with SOHK because, though now obsolete, gives us important background knowledge in understanding the relationship between -MM- and SOHK now.

-SWAT- did not issue a declaration on the external forums, but their war officially began on May 4, at 20:04 ST. SOHK took the liberty of developing their own PnP as a riposte to -SWAT-’s declaration. Lavrikan3, -SWAT- duke, said that -SWAT- “didn’t really see the need” for a declaration, since they would just “get flamed anyway.” He said he prefers to let -SWAT-’s fighting be the true test.

When asked why -SWAT- was interested in pursuing a war with SOHK, Lavrikan3 said

“[SOHK] planned to declare anyway. There were attacks being sent anyway, so we thought we might as well make it official.” – Lavrikan3

Tossa75, SOHK duke, confessed that “I was considering a declaration myself.” Thus, he continued, saying “we were expecting [-SWAT-’s declaration], with the P.S.’ers taken in, but we gladly awaited it.”

It is perhaps because SOHK was aware ahead of time of -SWAT-’s plans to attack that -SWAT- had posted such poor stats during the war.

Speaking frankly, it is a bit alarming that -SWAT- was able to only noble three villages during the entirety of the war, even though they were the ones to declare. Lavirkan3 said “this war has not really started yet” and predicted that “things will soon change.”

It is interesting to note that while the stats above include the entire -SWAT- family, those conquers are purely versus Cops. The -SWAT- versus SOHK stats remain at 0 – 0 today; the Cops faction of the family seemed to be doing all the work.

Cristalblueroses, who handles SOHK diplomacy, explained why SOHK had been so successful:

“We have some great members that were on that front, and they were already hitting targets. SWAT declared during the middle of those operations.  So I think it was a mix of bad timing/planning on their part, and great members/planning on ours.” – Cristalblueroses

It is, of course, the time of the year when player activity begins to wane due to school commitments. Tossa75 told me on April 30 that SOHK was facing some minor activity problems, but he was able to later disabuse those previous concerns:

“I’m pretty glad to report stuff is getting into gear and back on its feet.” – Tossa75

Cristalblueroses expanded:

“I’m sure that we have the normal inactivity issues that any tribe has this time of year, but they are being handled. We do have a great group of very active members that are getting things done.” – Cristalblueroses

However, their trust in their members may be misplaced in some cases. A surprisingly lack of loyalty to SOHK was demonstrated in this classified mail to -SWAT- leadership, sent by a SOHK member.

Bbud2 offers candid insight into what he considers to be structural instability in SOHK. Here, he tries to bargain with -SWAT- to secure a safe haven for him and his friends were they to abandon SOHK. Is SOHK facing internal problems?

Regardless, even in light of -MM-’s reformation and the technical ending of the SOHK / -SWAT- war, SOHK intends to continue to attack the players they were targeting before, even though they now reside in a different tribe.

“We have no current plans to stop our attacks, but MM came to us shortly after the recruitment of these players.  We are talking to them about what we will do, and it has already started out better than our relationship with SWAT did. But no long term decision has been made as of this moment.” – Cristalblueroses

We will discuss -MM-’s take on the diplomacy in the next blog.

Lavrikan3 said that “[he] doesn’t want to stop until [SOHK is] gone, and there won’t be any recruiting.” He had “no doubt[s]” about southern -SWAT-’s ability to handle SOHK, but, obviously, he was under a false impression.

-SWAT- is no longer involved in this war; it’s -MM-’s problem now. How will they handle relations with their large southern friend?


As we will recall from a previous blog, NOTA and Smile are currently at war with each other.

At the time, -SWAT- was not involved, holding only a NAP with Smile and no diplomacy with NOTA. However, Lavrikan3 said that “ big mouths often get you in trouble”, in reference to NOTA, implying that NOTA had done something to offend -SWAT-. When asked why -SWAT- chose to declare, he said

“Like SOHK, they brought it on themselves.” – Lavrikan3

Dflan93, duke of NOTA, said that NOTA is not overly concerned by -SWAT-’s role in the war. He requested that his entire quotation be published, without omissions.

“We knew they was and we was just waiting for them. Swat dose not bother us at all. The reason we wanted to war them is b/c they started supporting Epi.c. Well even when it was MAL swat came to use wanting help with rawr mode so we helped and then they started planning on attacking us back then after we helped and did most the clearing. So our every move since they turned on us from helping them clear rawr mode has been to end them. The world dose not hate swat b/c its a family. They hate them b/c they are a family that needs other tribes and uses their points to get that help. Its a very weak move and play of the game. So I really see them disbanding before we can rim them all.:( But here at NOTA we welcome them and wish them the best of luck and hope they find more help b/c they will need it in weeks to come. If they are still here.:)” – Dflan93

As far as Dflan93 was aware on May 8, -SWAT- was not coordinating with Smile at all against NOTA.

Lavrikan3, too, indicated that no such plans had yet be implemented.

“At the moment they’re not really fighting the same players due to location, but if we were close enough to d a joint op indeed we would. I’m sure it won’t take long at all until we do a joint op.” – Lavrikan3

Since their declaration, the -SWAT- family is has a positive conquer difference of 5 against NOTA. In the same time period, Smile stays ahead as well, 31 to 13.

We will discuss -MM-’s involvement in the war, and whether -SWAT- plans to continue their involvement in light of the recent developments in the next blog.

Finally got this out; had to make some changes to account for recent events. Will be doing another, more up-to-date, blog shortly.