Part 1: World At War

May 11, 2011 in World 052 News, World News


New wars break out across the globe – from -SWAT- vs. SOHK, to Phat vs. Bush, to -SWAT- vs. NOTA, to WET vs. Bush! The map has exploded into its very own World War, with different alliances emerging. Today, we will focus only on Bush’s conflict with Phat and WET.

What prompted the declaration these wars?

What is Phat’s true relationship to WET?

Will Bush be able to handle itself against two formidable opponents?

Let’s get started on this week’s blog.

World Map – Top 10 Tribes

Not much change rankings-wise this week again, with only Phat and SOHK switching spots, and the same occurring for Smile and CCH.

I was having a bit of trouble remember who was at war with whom, so I took the liberty of constructing this map to identify the new declarations of the past week.

It is important to note that although Phat, WET, and Bush are all circumscribed in a single loop, Phat and WET are not necessarily working together against Bush; it would be prudent here to treat each war as a separate entity.

The two different factions of the -SWAT- family are each occupied individually in different wars – the south is fighting SOHK, the north NOTA. As you will recall, NOTA is already in battle against Smile, in orange.

The odd men out here are CCH and -MM-, who are rumored to be on good terms with each other. However, they are not currently involved in any of the wars depicted on the map, and they may prefer to keep it that way.

The Bush War

WET was the first tribe to become involved in this conflict, but it was not them that initially openly stated their intentions. On May 3, at 21:45 ST, a mysterious player under the anonym –S– published a detailed exposé of WET’s upcoming plans to war Bush. Unless this is a dramatic ruse orchestrated by the WET leadership in which they themselves released this information early, there is a serious information leak within either WET, or its sister tribe, $hadow. This publication tipped Bush off earlier that WET would have liked, obviously, and they were forced to accelerate their plans. 17 hours later, they declared war:

$hadow, on the other hand, did not seem as keen as WET to declare. Bush did that instead on May 5, involving the entire family in the war.

On –S–, Litkafilip, duke of WET, said that WET is “not really scared of that spy” and that “the circle on him is getting smaller and smaller.” –S– will have to watch his step if he is to avoid detection and continue to leak information!

As you might be aware, WET and Bush, until recently, shared an alliance. Litkafilip said that WET had been having “many problems with Bush”, and went as far to say that “[he]would not call it an alliance as allies don’t act like Bush.” Paraphrasing a list of grievances sent to me,

“We waited for them for long time… when we went after B52s ; they recruited everyone who was left in K53 which was WET domination area ; they started recruiting in K63 ; I was talking with KJ about sharing on who will take which K… I proposed [to] him to take K62 and leave K63 to us and he refused and just mass recruited in there ; we were having [a] shared noble planer but they still nobled our claims.” – Litkafilip

As noticed on the external forums, Bush’s duke, KingJame$, currently on the Jayshaw account, has been surprisingly absent. I was unable to get in contact with neither him nor another official Bush representative for comment on the situation, so we will have to accept WET’s version of events as the truth.

WET and Bush share an interesting concave-convex formation in K53, which will make for some interesting strategy. WET can attempt to pincer the Bush villages there to bring their two flanks together, but at the same time, with the appropriate plan, Bush can use their positioning there as an opportunity to split and widen into WET territory.

Litkafilip said that WET’s short-term goal was to “take as many villages from Bush as possible [and] take back K53 to WET domination and win war with them.” From there, they can continue to expand westwards.

WET certainly is performing well so far, and they show that in the conquer statistics. In the past, they have also proved their worth by enduring through several prominent wars and maintaining the difficult central position in the world.

**From start of war to today

We will explore the exact geographical location of this conquers further down.

However, Litkafilip cautioned against early celebration:

“[It] is not really success for me :( 3 of our top players on the border with Bush were banned and 2 [more players were being sat by the] banned players so we [had] 5 accounts out that way. We attacked so slowly; none of our ops [have] landed yet. We should be better on upcoming days.” – Litkafilip

One player of whom I know was banned is Elang Perkasa, but I was unable to ascertain to whom else Litkafilip was referring.

On the northern half of the world, Phat is also at war with Bush. The declared at almost exactly midnight on May 6, 32 hours after WET.

Because of the close succession of the declarations, there has been some allegation on the external forums that Phat simply declared because they had seen WET do so and wanted to capitalize on Bush’s vulnerability. However, I do not believe that is the case.

Phat published a very detailed list of complaints on the externals forums that they used as basis for their declaration – such a large inventory of things to redress could not have been compiled overnight. Plus, the extreme lead Phat has produced so far in conquers is testament to laborious planning.

Phat denies that they waited until after WET declared to declare, and, on the contrary, it seems that they were in cahoots with WET for the attack.

I can exclusively reveal the following mail from Asulto, a high-ranking WET member, to the rest of the tribe.

Asulto freely admits that Phat are “close” allies to WET, and that they have been planning their attack on Bush together since “long ago”.

During my interview with him, Litkafilip declined to comment on the question “Was the timing of WET’s declaration and Phat’s simply a happy coincidence, or was that planned?” but later let slip that WET had planned to “finish [their] diplomacy with Bush about 06.05.11.” May 6 is the same date on which Phat declared. Clearly, the –S– development upset their timing, and WET was forced to show their hand earlier.

Artofdefence, on the Coplayed By A Horse account, has carefully sidestepped accusations on the externals of being “in talks with WET”, but admitted to me in an interview that the joint declaration between Phat and WET had been planned “to a certain degree.” To which degree that really is remains ambiguous. Does Phat consider WET a “close silent ally” too?

Both tribes indicated to me that they intended to work together in common areas against their mutual enemy.

Phat has posted extremely impressive conquer stats since their declaration:

Let’s take a closer look to see where exactly players have been nobling.

In all fairness to Bush, however, they indubitably had support en route to the WET frontline when they declared, and were caught off guard in the north against Phat. We hope to see a pickup in Bush performance in the coming days, because Phat has had a very good first week.

“I am quite [happy] :) Phat is pretty much a member run tribe so a lot if not all planning was done in small groups and by individuals themselves. They deserve all the credit for the results so far :)” – Coplayed By A Horse

Bush seems ready to bounce back, however; after all, they are the rank 2 tribe. Googly, speaking from the Homcgra1 account, was the only Bush member I could contact. I stress that his opinion does not necessarily correlate with or reflect that of Bush’s leadership.

“I am confident in the tribe’s ability to deal with WET. They have yet to do any proper damage to the tribe, although we had no support on that front (them being our ally at the time) when they declared.

Phat will be more interesting. Their declaration came after WET’s, which to me gives them a bit of an advantage. Phat I believe to be the bigger threat, having seen firsthand what some of WET sends as “attacks” :P

I’m fully convinced that Bush will come out on top, after a long, fun war!” – Homcgra1

Will Bush be able to rally and persevere? Or will the combined efforts of Phat and WET prove too formidable?

As you may have guessed, I do not have time to do a full edition of the blog at the moment. Additionally, the volume of events that occurred last week make it difficult to incorporate everything into one piece.

I will have “Part 2″, discussing -SWAT-, SOHK, and NOTA – the other wars that developed last week – hopefully by tomorrow. Then, back on schedule with a new blog covering this week this weekend.