Over The Fence

January 31, 2011 in World 016 News, World News

Recently, a major event occurred that would shake up W16. The Gammy 1, a player who had long gone solo, moved to C². For the actions of a single player, the repercussions were wide spread, from a distinctive change to the front lines of the war to a wide range of opinions.

Gammy was, for a long time, a solo player. A rarity on W16, especially at such a late period of the game, and at such a large size. Originally a member of LSHRV at the beginning of the war, he left in May of 2010 for reasons of his own. He formed B~N~H, where he resided for quite some time, being left alone by LSHRV, and later, Plight, and doing the same in return. This last until just a week ago, when he decided to make his move over to C².

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The most obvious, immediate effect of this move by Gammy was the change to the map. C² had been pushing the lines in K66. Gammy’s gave more of K66, and connected his territory with the rest of the tribe. It also gave continental dominance of K67 to C², as well as a large part of K68. This new acquisition of territory effectively drew a line across Plight’s territory, creating a wedge separating the smaller southern portion from the north.

Perhaps the most surprising, and impressive, effect of this move was of Gammy’s direct impact on the war.

Side 1:
Players: The gammy 1
Side 2:
Tribes: Plight, *MK*

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 168
Side 2: 21
Difference: 147

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 1,543,938
Side 2: 213,749
Difference: 1,330,189

In the past week since his move, Gammy has taken a whopping 1.3m points from Plight. Granted, many of these villages had previously been far away from the front lines, and Plight was unprepared to withstand this sudden attack, yet few people grow so much in a week taking both war targets and inactives. It must also be taken into consideration that Gammy himself was under attack this entire time, and those attacking him had quite a bit of motivation to do so.

There is no getting around the fact that this move has been of great benefit to C² thus far. Whether this will continue to be so, or whether it may turn out to be a liability has yet to be seen. Until next time, this has been your W16 blogger and fellow spreader of carnage,