W57 Out Out and Away

November 11, 2011 in World 057 News, World News, Worlds 51-60 News

Beyond the core and away from the top players we will go this week. we will look at some of the non key players this week.


Our interviews will be with some of the less famous players, and we will have some random viewings of players and tribes.  We will also take a view of the recent wars and may even throw in a sneak peak of a new feature coming too the blog.

The Players and the Tribes

This week we tried something new and a bit odd. We gave the dice a spin and chose the tribes and players from the results. Giving us a chance too look at a few of the people we might not normally see or hear from.


73        evenodds: Played on w9 so seems pretty experienced had a nice account there. As for this world he has a steady growth a few internals like most of the world. A couple of barbs and a few enemy villas. Has only lost one villa so that seems pretty good. Has grown a bit and appears to be still doing so.

27    carbonha: Has a nice rank 9 account on w22 and good OD on there. As for here he seems to be growing finely and has a decent ranking in OD. He seems to be actively fighting the war with ichj that infamy is taking part of, we will see if he keeps this good work up and rises to the top 20.

33     Toma h4wk: Has a mid-average OD rank, Has grown a lot and fast recently on what looks to be a decent amount of large barb villages. In the past he seems to have nobbled some villa from the head war that ET was involved in

82       windwalker60: Has grown a large amount the last few days for a player of his size. Appears to have grabbed a decent amount of barbs as well but if taken care of properly he may rise to the top 50, in a semi quick manner.

7    xenthyl: Has a good OD ranking and seems to be growing quickly. He may rise to the top 5 within a short amount of time. Seems the majority of his nobbling has been barbs and tribeless players with a few enemy villa back in the head and ET engagement.


5-   {I} A new comer to the top 5.they has an OD rank of 11 and oda of 10. Relatively low losses too other tribes. 25 members in the tribe with about 4 members who seem to have not grown at all this week.

24            InB4: Seems to be growing as a tribe, and rank 50 on OD. With 12 members only have a couple players in the red for negative growth.

15   HONOUR: With 25 members they are rank 25 in OD and rank 25 in oda. They have about 5 members in the red for their weekly growth. In the past have lost villa’s to ill but seems to be less now ill is fighting vodka, also had some losses to dream but with them gone so too are those losses.

35        Idiots: Rank 13 OD defense and 24 in OD attack as well as 21 in overall OD ranking. Has 26 members. Seems to be getting attacked by some nearby tribes and losing a few villas. The members of the tribe seem to have growth for the most part only 4 in the negative for growth for the past week.

9          BFAM: With an OD rank of 8 and an oda rank of 7 along with their odd ranking of 18, this tribe seems to be active and fighting. The tribe has a nice growth the charts seem to show. About 5 players in the red point wise and with a total of 78 members in the tribe.

Let There Be War

We have a few tribes at war this week, so lets take a look at them stats that we all love.

Jab and happy are at war and for the time it seems happy is in the lead.

Bfam and 4play seem to be fighting, and bfam is winning the war so far.

Ill and vodka are still fighting and it seems the vodka is lossing this war for the time being.

While it is relatively close this week Knock seems to be in the lead with the war with bro.

So it would seem infamy is cleaning up some tribes near them and seems to be winning vs fire and ichj.


Now its time for everyone’s favorite part of the blog the wonderful interviews… so with out farther a due.

Our first interview is with the duke of Jab.

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The next interview is with scorpio.

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Now we Have A interview with the duke of bane.

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Lets see what the duke of r4w has too say.

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Finally we have an interview with mark.

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We have saw some new info this week, and have taken a wider look at our world.  Next week we will continue to take the wider view and see some more interviews with the rim tribes and get some information on the rim tribes and some of the players that we may not have heard of.

Thank you For your Reading

Hope You enjoyed

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