Out in the wild blue yonder….

August 6, 2011 in World 057 News, World News

Wild blue yonder…. well the southern rim to be specific, but same difference. Anyway, welcome back to the World 57 Blog! As the title suggested, this blog focuses on the tribes of the southern rim.

World 57 Map

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*The next edition will feature the northern rim, complete with most of the same style

*After spending about an hour and a half trying to make a map, I failed miserably, and decided to opt for the easy way out. By the way, please get back to me on the zoom for that map.

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*Please let me know if you find any errors in this blog… I always seem to miss something.

Current Wars

Armada vs Addict


 The stats still remain even, as it seems that neither side is putting their full strength into this war. This stalemate  will continue no doubt, until either one, or both sides begin to focus on it.

Yoda. vs Pagans, BFAM, ~KOW~ & Rats

 Yoda has been, and still is clearly dominating all conflicts that they have been involved in. To be fair, most of their wars have only been with inexperienced, mass recruiting tribes. Regardless, Yoda. has had no issues dealing with any of them, and if the past is any judge of the future, they will be sailing smoothly for quite a bit.

BloodP vs BnP & PnB 

BloodP is clearly winning this war. A difference of 16 conquers, this early in the world shows beyond a doubt that BloodP is putting not only more effort, but better tactics and coordination, forth in this war. Of course, through personal experience, I have seen countless family tribes such as PnB and BnP fail… so this really does not come as any suprise to me.

Bunny vs TAC

This war is really going nowhere fast. Only 5 total conquers in the last week, and really no large gains going to either side. Judging by the size of each tribe, I really would have liked to see a bit more action in this war. Still… at this point individual member growth is the focal point of each tribe, rather than conducting massive operations. To be honest though, I would like to see things stepped up… this war does have the potential to be quite an exciting one if both tribes decide to put in some effort.

Top 5 Players

Noobs on Ice

Rank:1  (+4)

Points: 152,191 (+80,724 )

Villages: 22 (+10)

Average pts per village: 6,918  (+962)

ODA Rank: 23 (168,332) (-18)

ODD Rank: 392 (43,100) (-221)

Summary: For starters, this player did indeed rise to first as I predicted, but unfortunately only by the means of nobling 5 internals out of his last 7 conquers. Without those 5 easy villages, this player would be nowhere near the rank he is now, and more than likely would have dropped out of the top 5. This is reinforced by his drop in ODA and ODD rankings. While his first few conquers were solid to say the least, the last week of this players nobling has shown an entirely different side.


Rank: 2 (+1)

Points:  144,288  (+62,09)

Villages:  21 (+7)

Average pts per village: 6,871  (+1,000)

ODA Rank:  113 (105,662) (-47)

ODD Rank: 445 (39,342) (-246)  

Summary: This players conquers were not terribly agressive conquers it seems, but they definitely did warrant more of a fight than his conquers previous to this week. Unfortunately, both his ODA and ODD ranks dropped, neither very dramatically though. As long as he continues to noble quality villages though, this player does look to have a promising future ahead of him. 


Rank: 3 (-2)

Points: 141,531 (+46,562)

Villages: 16 (+4)

Average pts per village: 8,846  (+932)

ODA Rank: 80 (118,722) (+5)

ODD Rank: 299 (50,445) (-190)

Summary: Despite this players drop from rank 1, to rank 3, his slowed growth seems to be accounted for by the growth of his  average points per village statistic. Nearing almost 9,000, it would seem that most of the villages that this player possesses are nearly built. Even while building quite a bit, the ODA rank did raise slightly, proving that he has at least had to spend troops in order to clear the villages that he took. Overall, he looks quite solid, but that will be mostly determined by what happens after this period of building.


Rank: 4 (-2)

Points: 140,722 (+47,938)

Villages: 20 (+5)

Average pts per village:  7,036 (+850)

ODA Rank: 4 (228,777) (+35)

ODD Rank: 8,608 (2,561) (+52)

Summary: The ODA that this player possesses is outstanding, and proves cleary that this player is heavily offensive. Runtou definitely is one of the most agressive players around, and despite his slowed conquers, has definitely been duking it out with some players near him. As long as he does not come under heavy fire, Runtou will most likely remain a top player both in points and ODA for quite some time to come.


Rank: 5

Points: 136,145

Villages: 21

Average pts per village:  6,483

ODA Rank: 11 (215,118)

ODD Rank: 824 (28,290)

Summary: The ODA that this player posseses is not shabby in the least, but his last few conquers are simply to be frowned upon. All 5 are internals, and no doubt propelled him into the top 5. Due to this, I would venture to predict that his stay in the top 5 will not be long, ending when he runs out of inactives to noble.


Featured: The Southern Rim

Feautured below is a summary, or analysis of each of the dominant tribes on the rim. (dominant being in the sense of continental domination)


K dominated: 52

Total Points: 345,886

Rank Overall: 27

Members: 57

Summary: Despite it’s players mostly being on the smaller side (comparitive to tribes such as HEAD, or Yoda.) Hunter looks quite impressive so far. Both their ODA and conquer statistics are not shabby in the least, and their recruitment is much more limited than most of their neighbors. However, they do seem to be falling into a trend of recruiting more players, as they have invited roughly 15 more players to join them during the last week. They have quite a good hold on k52 at this time, and will no doubt continue to hold it for quite some time.


K dominated: 62

Total Points: 188.204

Rank Overall: 96

Members: 116

Summary: This tribe is quite an interesting one. Now and then a tribe comes along, attempting to run on the system of a pure democracy. By allowing each member to vote on every single issue, things quickly become very inefficient, as deliberations take an exceedingly long time. -SPQR- is attempting to employ that method. Unfortunately for them, they are attempting to mass recruit on the back of that. 116 members all voting on each issue can make things become… quite slow. At least in the last few days, they have lost quite a few members, making things much more efficient I am sure. Good luck to them I suppose, but I can’t really see much coming out of this.


K dominated: 75

Total Points: 404,229

Rank Overall: 16

Members: 71

Summary: Despite being all the way out on the southern rim, this tribe has grown quite exceptionally so far, and it has definitely not been through means of recruiting. With only just over 100 tribe changes, this 71 member tribe has a very controlled player flow, making it without a doubt quite stable internally. (or at least more stable than mass recruiting tribes) Also, their members would seem to be of high quality, as they have lost almost no villages so far (3 total as a tribe). With prime positioning on the rim, they will most likely begin vying for territory with their rivals to the east and west of them. However, I have no doubt that Yoda. will continue to succeed, as long as they continue to monitor their recruitment so carefully.


K dominated: 74

Total Points: 607,207

Rank Overall: 8

Members: 42

Summary: Strictly speaking, HEAD is not completely a rim tribe. They dominate two continents in fact, only one of them being on the rim. Nonetheless, they do have a grip on k74, and despite their low member count have continued to succeed. The only problem that I can see for them is the fact that they are relatively spread out. This can be an issue for tribes, as it potentially makes a very large frontline if a war should arise. However, at rank 8 they seem quite stable, and very much able to control the area around them.


K dominated: 73

Total Points: 305,428

Rank Overall: 36

Members: 50

Summary: Stuck is really not too shabby. Recent merges by Sov and Atta have bolstered their ranks, but their recruitment is nothing compared to some of the mass recruiting tribes near them. They do not seem to be outstanding in ways of ODA or ODD, but their conquers so far have been decent, and I would venture to guess that they will eventually merge into a more powerful tribe such as HEAD, or even x/0.


K dominated: 76

Total Points: 195,248

Rank Overall: 83

Members: 120

Summary: VIP is a mass recruiting tribe… no doubts. During the past few days, VIP has doubled in size, from 54 members, to 120. During these days of recruiting, they jumped by as many as 38 one day. Unfortunately on the next, they slowed down and only recruited 22. After mass recruiting so many players, in so little time, I really cannot honestly say that I see this tribe going anywhere. What I do think will happen is this; Yoda will proceed to move into VIP territory, and proceed to noble them out.


K dominated: 67

Total Points: 226,688

Rank Overall: 81

Members: 100

Summary: Meh… what can I say? This tribe has been losing members fast over the past few days, and quality members at that. A tribe named Kast seem to be picking up quite a few of them, which could point to some discontent within the ranks of HELLS. In general… having over a hundred members points to mass recruiting, and I do not believe that this case is any exception. HELLS has almost 500 tribe changes, and is looking at a ridiculously high player flow, which is never easy to sustain. HELLS will most likely not last too long, but will be nobled, farmed, and/or recruited by a tribe that is better established in regards to members.


Interview: Ec-Unlimited

Ec-Unlimited is the current duke of Night. He and his tribe have been quite successful of late, after they won a war against a pair of tribes that were many times their size. I had a tough time arranging this interview, due to the differing online times. However, I finally did get it done… and here it is!

First of all, is your tribe a premade?

Its a Yes and a No. The tribe was started when a few friends from other worlds and a few of us from a tribe on World 54 decided to join this world. The plan was that those of us from World 54 wanted to remake our tribe. I wasn’t exactly planning to lead yet another tribe, but I was convinced otherwise by friends. So here we are now. We did lose a few friends along the way though unfortunately. 

What continent are you based in? 

We are Based in K43/K42. So… basically, Semi-Rim.

How many members does your tribe possess, and do you have a philosophy regarding the number of members that you recruit? 

Currently we have 35 members. Personally I like to keep the tribe count at ‘Points of best players’ which in this world is 20. However extension plan wise, max currently is 40. My usual max is 60, but that is when the tribe is more spread out, and in late game. I wouldn’t mind going over the max if a player that applies shows us an excellent application. 

Who are you fighting, and how is that war(s) going? 

We are not fighting anyone at the moment, as we have recently finished our war with others. But you never know, we might wage war again shortly. Keep a look out for our Pnp on the external forums. We’ll keep you updated. 

What type of plans or strategy do you employ while in war? 

Well currently we aren’t at war, but the plan during a potential war would be to stack those who may be at risk of attack. Offensively we would attack/noble their leaders and top players. Our goal would be to take out the most active, contributing players within the enemy tribe. 

What do you see in the future for your tribe in ways of expansion and growth? 

For future expansion wise,  I would say that we will stay in our current position and take control of the current Ks we are based in. The plan may change along the way though. 

Personally speaking, what experience do you have as a player/leader? 

As a Player/Leader, I started in world 3. That was my first world under a different alias. I also led a tribe there, it was decent, considering I didn’t know anything then. I continued on, playing many different worlds along the way, and leading different tribes. I learned quite a bit from my mistakes, examples of others,  and great leadership shown by others. Those are the things that has led me to where I am today. 

As the leader of your tribe, what are you in particular going to do to ensure that your tribe succeeds? 

To ensure our tribe succeeds, I hope to continue our activity, teamwork, communication that we have now. I would also like to  build more trust within the tribe, and make sure everyone is contributing.  Dropping the dead weights that aren’t willing to contribute is also something I am planning on doing.

How to contact me

Skype: Ampatriot

In-Game: Ampatriot

External Forums: Ampatriot