Operation Failure

August 31, 2011 in World 037 News, World News, Worlds 31-40 News

There was more drama last week in World 37 leading to, yet again, disappointment for ‘ASCEND’. Read on for details.

Only ten days after ‘SV Ostroski’ joined ‘ASCEND’, he was dismissed. After dismissal, he joined ‘BACON’ before then re-joining ‘1ns4n3’ on 14th August 2011.

It is the case that ‘SV Ostroski’ only united with ‘ASCEND’ to divide the tribe. The aims were to spy, reap havoc and plant an operation doomed to fail. All three of these were achieved in the ten days.

Below is the forum post, created by ‘SV Ostroski’ in ‘ASCEND’, about the operation:

Many members of ‘ASCEND’ began to launch their offence, nobles and support to the player ‘jemima20’, in belief that they were attacking a dead account which would not resist the incomings. Little did they know that they were walking into a very well-planned trap.

The player ‘Stotty2009’ was account sitting ‘jemima20’ for the duration of the operation. The landing time of August 26th and 27th was organised with ‘Stotty2009’ for his convenience. It was his job to defend against the incoming attacks from ‘ASCEND’ which he did excellently. Not one village was successfully conquered by ‘ASCEND’ during this assault.

After ‘SV Ostroski’ scuttled back to ‘1ns4n3’, several ‘ASCEND’ players conquered their own villages from which the attacks to ‘jemima20’ were sent, so that the attacks were stopped. This failed operation has created many costs for ‘ASCEND’. Firstly, there is the resource cost of rebuilding troops, and the time to build them. However this is probably the least of their worries. The major cost is, arguably, the defensive troops that have been sent, for some players, to the other side of the world. These troops need to be recalled and make the very long trip home. Therefore, these troops cannot be used on the front lines for quite a few weeks which could prove very costly.

Some of you may be wondering about the mails shown three issues ago which were sent from ‘AmishGangsta’ to ‘SV Ostroski’. Apparently these mails were staged to make the dismissal of ‘SV Ostroski’ from ‘1ns4n3’ more believable. It certainly worked.

Some people have looked down on these tactics used by ‘1ns4n3’. However, it cannot be argued that they were certainly effective, despite being rather ‘dirty’.

That concludes the main feature of this issue of the World 37 blog.

In other news, I am going to be setting up a subscription service for the blog. Basically, when I release a new issue you will receive a link, via mail, to the blog as soon as it is published. Mail me directly either through the forum or in game if you are interested.

Also, I am considering setting up a Skype chat for the blog. In this chat you can discuss what I publish, offer feedback, suggest ideas and chat in general about the world and whatever comes to mind. Again mail me directly if you are interested and if enough people want it to happen, I will set it up.

Thank you for reading!