One Month On

July 24, 2011 in World 049 News, World News, Worlds 41-50 News


Welcome to yet another issue of the World 49 blog! It has been night on a month now since the beginning of the war and it still violently rages everywhere. So here is a look at how it is progressing. I even got an interview finally!  So please, enjoy the read.

One Month On

So after a month of war both sides are now at full momentum. Everyone has dug in for a long war and a long war it seems it’s going to be.

First of all I would just like to bring you too some statistics that I posted in the forums on June 17th, a week before the war.

Deceit + VLN
Combined Total Points: 374,363,845
Combined Villages: 38,407
Combined Average Points Per Village: 9747
Continents Controlled: 51
Combined Members: 98

Combined Total Points: 257,961,874
Combined Villages: 26,894
Combined Average Points Per Village: 9592
Continents Controlled: 29
Combined Members: 87

That is what the sides looked like just before the war. These can also be used to represent what things looked like on the start day, with only slight differences. These being shuffling of members on each side from the main tribes to smaller tribes and vice versa. Let’s see how that has changed over the month:

Deceit + *VLN* + DeusEx
Combined Total Points: 427,108,423   +52744578
Combined Villages: 43,996   +5589
Combined Average Points Per Village: 9707   -40
Continents Controlled: 56   +5
Combined Members: 137   +39

BMF + CLN + Plague
Combined Total Points: 251899137   -6062737
Combined Villages: 26524   -370
Combined Average Points Per Village: 9497   -95
Continents Controlled: 29   0
Combined Members: 116   +29

These statistics are only two days old and nothing major has happened to change them dramatically. Why am I showing you these? It’s just a good way of seeing how each alliance has grown over the last month. As you can see, the Deceit side has grown by a go 50mil points in total and have gained an extra 5000+ villages. With that said a good chunk of this can be put down to DeusEx entering the fray, although another good chunk can be put down to Deceit, *VLN* and DeusEx’s progress.

Deceit has gained an extra 5 continents. 1 mainly via recruitment of ochibi, 1 with DeusEx and 3 through conquering.

BMF have lost around 6 million points overall which, if you think about the size of the sides is not really much at all. The recent addition of Plague to their side will hopefully be a welcome relief to their pressured front line members in the south who could do with some more attention elsewhere. BMF’s side have not lost or gained control of any more continents. Plague gives them K95 while CLN have been solidifying and taking control of K’s in the south eastern rim.

Now, lets look at the conquer statistics:

Side 1:
Tribes: Deceit, *VLN*, DeusEx
Side 2:
Tribes: BMF, CLN, Plague

Timeframe: 24/06/2011 22:00:00 to 24/07/2011 12:00:00

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 2,937
Side 2: 1,765
Difference: 1,172

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 27,724,560
Side 2: 16,352,169
Difference: 11,372,391

It looks like the Deceit side is delivering a huge pounding out, which was expected being big an all that. With that said though BMF are defending very, very well. There is still a lot of fight left yet so don’t expect this to end too soon ;).
Now, I wont bore you all with 2000 different sets of statistics like I did last time, I’ll leave that for my next blog. :P Instead I will give you this, that interview I was promising! (about time isn’t it? :P)

The lucky person who is getting interrogated? I mean Interviewed of course. It is none other than Sergei, Duke of Deceit.

Interview Time!

Hello, and welcome, could you please tell me what your past experiences are and what account you play on world 49 for the readers?

sergei..m: This is the third world im playing, I started off in w23 which was my first world. Ran the biggest family tribe in the world at one point there, we did actually really good there, untill the duke left and it all fell apart, but that expiriance tought me alot about this game. Later I played in w41 which im still in but alot less as w49 is my main world, I started playing the Pharsstin acount from the first days of this world, but moved my attention to W50 instead for 2 months. Later when I was convinced to come back by Som and coplay him again and take control of leading the tribe, but it was always a shared work done greatly by Som, Linda and me, later when Som left, FireFox and Alyokat stepped into the space that Som left. Although since than the leadership has added alot of weight since we recruited the best from all tribes in the west to form on of the best tribes I have been in.

Ok, now straight on to the serious questions. Before the war, Deceit were bashed on the forums becuase they recruited DeusEx members from their collapse. What was your reasoning behind this recruitment?

sergei..m: Well as I have been doing most of the dealing both with BMF  and with Deusex at the time, I will say this, all that has happened, happened because of BMFs doing. Their old duke(Gaggy) made a great relationship with DeusEx it was never my plan to get in the middle of it. I really was hoping for an even fight as it happens, at the beginning when VMP approached me about this problem, I told him a few times to try and work things out with BMF leadership after like a month of him telling this to me I thought I will talk to him to see where it stands. What I heard from him is he lost the passion of playing because of BMFs actions and only then, I offered him to make a move. All the things that BMF posted after about how DeusEx where making big demands from them, it was when all the deal was closed, since then I’m really happy with the decision. I really feel they are great guys that BMF have mistreated.

The biggest proof for that, is they are still there fighting full strength against BMF even though, BMF is putting great pressure on them at the moment.

Yes I will have to say that congratulations to the guys at Deus Ex who are still growing regardless of the pressure put on them by BMF.

So can you tell me what were the exact agreements in accordance to the NAP?

sergei..m: Well when the agreement was made, Deceit thought they would go to conquer the west or fight BMF. Since the early days BMF and Deceit worked together in some occasions. To be more specific, the war against Duck that wanted to fight the whole world alone, and pissed all other 3 mega tribes in the world. The agreement when signed was between myself and gaggy, was more on word on word, and it lasted very long because we trusted each other while doing our stuff. We even trusted each other and left the border empty on a few occasions. We always said that when we own the world we will have our big war, and we agreed on 10 day warning before attacks are sent, and it was always said as well, that in the moment that one of us would be gone the agreement will be off. This is because all the talks have been done between us two only, we always solved each others problems. When gaggy was finally done all the picture changed, and just to make something clear there was never a talk about about not recruiting at the moment the agreement is off, just a line of not nobling untill the NAP agreement was actually up.

So far during the war, how well would you say Deceit/*VLN* have performed? Have they done so to your expectations?

sergei..m: Well some have been really waiting for this war, some are performing good some can still improve, this was the big test for this tribe all along. As the world till this point was a bit easier than you would expect coming to this position, but that is mainly the reason this world has progressed so much so quickly.

I see. Now, how would you say the BMF side to this war is performing? Are they the strong enemies you expected them to be?

sergei..m: I would say the war is going as expected though i even feel the stats lie a bit at the moment, although the stats between BMF and Deceit alone show the real truth on whats happening. BMF are losing k44 fast, and in my predictions before the war start I always thought it will take us ages to take that continent. So for around 20 days of fighting, I would say we are in a great position. Although i do hope BMF can give us a challenge in other places we put pressure at and that they will be able to mount a challenge in areas that they dont control totally as well.

Ok, is there any player that you believe has stood out from the rest in this war? Now, it’s easy to praise your own players so if you can try and pick one from the Deceit side and one from the BMF side ;)

sergei..m: Well there is a lot doing well in the deceit side, i would like to praise actually westgirl for the organisation and the planning done until now, but there are many more that have given BMF a run for there money.

In the BMF side from what I have been hearing Sultry Nights has been giving a great challenge, but seems like he has given up on the war because he was alone. I also have my own personal long range battle with Popa Cel Mare which is holding his grounds and making damage like it was expected to happen from the start of the war.

Ok I realise your strapped for time so not long now. Could you maybe give the readers a little hint of whats to come or is that classified information ;)?

sergei..m: Well we are using every possible tactic to break BMF up, but the thing that will determine who is the last one standing is activity. We will keep pushing to make as many BMF players as possible quit, which means continuing to hit the active players that are still fighting.

Well then it looks like we are still in for a long and bloody war :) Thank you for being interviewed Segei I’m sure the readers will enjoy it :). Do you have any last thoughts or things you would like to say?

sergei..m: Well I hope everyone has enjoyed this world like I did until this point. I hope it continues to be an interesting world for all sides, Deceit is aiming to win this world, I just hope that the other side still wants it aswell :)

Ok thank you very much for this… I have that interview that I have been promising for a while now (bandit). Now back to leading your tribe like you were meant to be doing! :P

Well there we have it! I’ll conclude with the interview. It has been a short blog this time I realise but I have a lot of ideas I am hoping to fit into the next blog. Which should, but no promises, be soon. I’ll try harassing a BMF duke into an interview at some point too.

I hope you enjoyed the read and I hope you continue reading my blogs!