One Click

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One scout sent, one barb nobled, one nuke fired, one insult flung, one friendship forged, one tribe created, one village conquered, with a single click you can change your tribal wars history and future.  Every click you make affects every single person usually in some very minor way but every once in awhile with just a single click you completely alter someone else’s tribal war experience.  Everyone has their own story to tell.  This is mine. 

And Lord I can’t make any changes 
All I can do is write ‘em in a song
I can see the concrete slowly creepin’
Lord take me and mine before that comes

 Love me or hate me, this is my song, my story and no one can take that away.

People who know me the best would say I can be stubborn, contrary and difficult which is probably true but from my point of view I just like to see the world (both real and ingame) from different angles.  Sometimes you find the best views from the  most desolate locations.  I have been and always will be a n00b or newbie lover much to others dislike.  Helping the smaller guys was always and will always be important to me. It is my way of paying it forward, without all the guidance and help I was given along the way I wouldn’t of been able to achieve what I did.  If there was a refugee around I seemed to always find my way into trying to protecting them.  I always liked to pick the harder route maybe because of the challenge or maybe because doing so always put me in touch with the vulnerable side of people where I could truly hear their story, not their tribal wars story but an actual glimpse into their life.  This by far is my favorite part of tribal wars, the people.  No matter how satisfying it was to send my nukes off to avenge whatever wrong I perceived being done to me it was the people who kept me coming back every day.

I played on 3 accounts on this world. jwal5678, truegrave and lastly, wagonsuz.  On my first account I  didn’t really care about being good at the game itself,  I pretty much was just caught up in the drama of it and boy was there a lot of drama back then.  Those days were so much fun and I met many people who would shape my entire world experience during that period, many good friends still at this day.  So to make a long story short, lots of drama, did nothing to brag about as far as the account, I think I left the account at 1.5 million or so.  Basically I probably ran my mouth more than my nukes on that account but during that period I met Truegrave.

Truegrave was/is great at tribal wars, he worked hard on his account until the day he had enough of tribal wars and gave me the account.  It was my first time on an account of that size.  I did ok at first until I picked a fight with the wrong people. I got hit pretty hard and watched all Truegrave’s hard work go one village at a time.  I continued to fight the losing battle until there were no troops left to snipe or defend with left.  I learned so much on that account, like how to actually play and not just talk.  I’m sorry I couldn’t of done better by Truegrave’s name but I am glad I had the experience.

When I was offered the Wagonsuz account I only took it because it was full of defense that I sent to Don Pako and Flip300. I fought hard to get those guys in Loki with me, eventually I got my way.  Playing a big turtle account is boring and slow to progress so eventually after Don Pako and the original Flip300 were long gone I switched it to a more offensive account.  Then I learned to play and have fun at it, learned to be aggressive.  The day I left the account it was ranked 21 and 18 in ODA.  I worked hard on it.

 I have made many mistakes along my tribal wars path but I don’t regret anything I have done.  Every tag I have worn served a purpose to either further my in game experience or to have enriched my life with the people I came in contact with, this is especially true of wearing the Hermit tag.  Many look upon this tag with disgust but I wear it with no shame.  There was something unique about Hermit.  I still think joining Hermit at that moment was the right choice, I just wish I could of persuaded others to see what I and a few others saw.

The final chapter, well I guess it started with 1984 barb nobling into Hammer’s territory, mainly my territory. 1984 did it well, basically I went to bed one night with 1984 on the other side of the world and woke up with entire clusters of 1984 in my bed!  Of course this made me really grumpy (ask mud!) especially since I felt restrained in removing them because of  Hammer’s relationship with ODA.  Before this all started two other things had happened which led to the current state of things.

1) Lakewind promised invites after the war with Hermit ended, which made sense to me.

2) For approximately the last year me and mud had become very close, close enough that we decided to meet and move in together.  So in January Mud traveled across several states just to be with me. We made plans in real life and made plans to quit tribal wars, though putting this into action was seemingly more difficult than it should of been.

Now I’m sure your wondering what do these things have to do with 1984 barb nobling all up in Hammer’s business?  Once Mud and I realized that Lakewind would not be able to keep his word with us and 1984 were obviously setting up to war us we wasted no time declaring on 1984, mostly so we wouldn’t have to read another 1984 declaration.  Now was this the smartest thing to do, maybe not but in the end I’m glad we did because it pushed Mud and I to evaluate how much time we still wanted to put into to tribal wars and we found we didn’t want to waste our time glued to our computers.  We quit, we quit with tons of incoming though it was all many days out I still had over 50k incoming just on my account.  I gave my account away and it was later deleted, mud gave his to his co player, I am unsure if he is still on the account or not. We haven’t came back to tribal wars since.

So in the end Mud and I may have lost the world but we won in love, if I had to do it all again I wouldn’t change a thing, remember the view looking up can be beautiful.

Looking up from an ice cave on Mt. Erebus


In closing, I want to give credit where credit is due and 1984 were nothing but warriors during our brief entanglement. They took the win easily and I hope their success continues all the way until the very end.

I want to say thank you for all of those I came in contact with who took the time to let me get to know them. Thanks to all those who took the time to teach me.  A special thank you goes out to Thirdstrike who is the most loyal guy out there and one of the smartest, I’m sorry if I let you down.

 People of influence not mentioned above:

William Anker




Many others who will remain nameless but not forgotten