One And The Same

April 30, 2011 in World 016 News, World News

After yet another long interval, I bring you another blog. This week I will be discussing two topics of interest. One applies only to W16, while the other may affect TW as a whole. For W16, the split in Plight and the visible outward effects. For the community of TW, the follow up to my last blog.

I want to start this week by once again apologizing for having such large gaps between my blogs. Lately, I have been putting more time towards real life. For those of you who not know much personal information about me, I am an eighteen year old senior in high school. I have about a month left of school, which I want to finish off strong rather than trailing off right at the end. I am also planning to attend college next semester, and I have found that all of that takes quite a bit of time. So for me, the next five to six weeks look to be pretty busy, and I think I may only get four or five blogs out over the next two months, rather than the eight I would hope for. After that though, my schedule will free up immensely and I will be able to bring you regular blogs, once a week like I used to.

Now after the big, boring paragraph talking about me, let’s move on to the actual blog.

As I announced last week, Rupert Murdoch is buying Innogames. Part of this change in management was to add a cost to reading the blogs. Shortly afterwards, the TWstaff members received a message from him, in which part read, “…and TribalWars players will not have to pay for reading the blog. In fact, things will continue as they have been, as the executive decision has been made not to buy Innogames…”

In other words, for those of you who did not already realized, April fools!

Yes, perhaps it was pretty lame, and also quite late on my part, but it was the story agreed upon by the blog team, and we liked it. We hope you did too. I might add that my reason for posting this second part about it was that we did in fact have people fall for it, and even some angry message sent to Morthy with players threatening not to read the blog at all if they had to pay for it.

Now for the real blog.

Towards the end of March, MichielK made a controversial thread, questioning the true purpose of Plight, and pointing out how much it had changed from the beginning. The response from Plight’s side seemed to be split. Some dismissed it, some agreed with it, and some argued against it, or against MichielK himself.

A few days later, a group of members split off from Plight and joined Hey =). Whether it was a direct consequence of MK’s message would have to be verified by those who left, yet there does seem to be a strong connection, especially with how soon afterwards it occurred. Between March 27, two days after MK’s original post, and April 3, sixteen players left Plight to join Hey =). Since then three members have returned to Plight, while the others have remained where they were.

Relations between the tribes, from an exterior view, seem uncertain. Obviously, there was some cause for the rift between the tribes, and that it has not yet been resolved, if it can be. One would normally think that would create hostilities between the two tribes, however they still seem to be cooperating, sharing inactives to be eaten between the two tribes.

For my next issue, I am hoping to bring you in an inside look on what is going on between these two tribes, as well as the effect(s) it may be having on C². Until next time, this has been your W16 blogger and fellow spreader of carnage,