Oh Yea War is Comin’ Baby! “BREAKING NEWS!”

October 22, 2010 in World 031 News, World News, Worlds 31-40 News


It has been confirmed!

My sources and I have been researching, gathering clues and hints and we found what we were looking for! My sources and I believe Free tribe will soon be declaring on the tribe of Rie. I have been sure for weeks they will declare mainly because of this information handed to me by one of my sources:

“jesseiam2 on 25.09.2010 at 21:13 Quote
Doze Theory, Lecherr (Butchert) and Bizshop have all moved to RIE. Stuffs about to hit the fan. Make no moves yet but its coming.
ayushx8x on 25.09.2010 at 21:14 Quote
Yay for war :)
Dont’cha just love it when stuff hits the fan?
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Sema3F on 25.09.2010 at 21:16 Quote
I think it’s better that we made the declaration. After all they recruited next door.
blaac thunda on 25.09.2010 at 21:23 Quote
any info on why or whats happening?
jesseiam2 on 25.09.2010 at 21:27 Quote
Far NE and Far SW, please post vulnerable villages so we can get them supported if we can, there will be too many to support so we need to be judicious, stack churches first. Be prepared to snipe. I will delay the preceedings for as long as I can, but they may decide to make the first move. I will have a full statement mail later today.
blaac thunda on 25.09.2010 at 21:29 Quote
okay sounds good, anyone that needs support please mail me because i can help stack (prefrebly NE because i am closer)
jesseiam2 on 25.09.2010 at 21:30 Quote
Blaac, message Gazhick directly, he has a huge front, get his churches covered please.
Norfy1957 on 25.09.2010 at 21:31 Quote
I have 50 villages in K95 that I am trying to self support, but I’m pretty sure I am OK down there for the moment.
jesseiam2 on 25.09.2010 at 21:32 Quote
They dont have many active players in that area of the world Norf, you guys should have a massive blast against them.
blaac thunda on 25.09.2010 at 21:34 Quote
mailed him, is there any way we can make sure that V doesnt attack us while getting hit by FU/RIE? cause im prepared to send every single defensive village i have out but i dont want to be wide open if V decides to attack us
jesseiam2 on 25.09.2010 at 21:35 Quote
There is no guarantee they wont, but I highly doubt they will. Let them be and they will leave us alone as well.
blaac thunda on 25.09.2010 at 21:36 Quote
okay, i mean im not to worried, Danimal and i are good friends IG and he has told me multiple times that if someone attacks me to tell him and they would be kicked, but i would rather not have to deal with all that in the first place
Watty Bang Bang on 25.09.2010 at 21:36 Quote
I am right next to Doze and Letcher in K47/57. Touching in some cases ;)
jesseiam2 on 25.09.2010 at 21:38 Quote
Better be ready, I half expect them to make the first move, they are trying to recruit Fearus players to join them. Also with TNE in the NE, thats going to make things painful for our NE group, they will need the most assistance.
JMD42 on 25.09.2010 at 21:38 Quote
cool, fu is close. hahaha
jesseiam2 on 25.09.2010 at 21:39 Quote
Most of FU wont be joining them, they will be rallied knowing we are about to join with them to remove RIE.
JMD42 on 25.09.2010 at 21:47 Quote
47 and 57 are close enough.
jesseiam2 on 25.09.2010 at 21:52 Quote
Taunton has just moved to RIE, some may have been supporting him, pull it asap.” (Free Tribe’s Forums)

Lets Review this shall we?

  • Free is planning on joining FearUs to fight Rie. True/proven.
  • Free has been moving support as I said in my last blog. True/Proven
  • Hmmm, Free was supporting FearUs? Yep! True/ Proven

Yes its all true and that forum came straight from free’s forums. War is coming soon everyone! “The declaration is suppose to be made public within the next 3 days.”sources states. When it comes I will officially name it. :)

There is other things to this though. From what my sources and I are finding FearUs members are going to continue to fight against Rie. TNE are going to continue to fight Free. I know what your thinking, thats already going on. Well sources proves both tribes had a chance to switch and fight alongside their enemy but didn’t.

This was Breaking News, the blog will be posted again in a couple of days. Stay tuned! You’ve heard it here first! Now lets see check out the world stats.

World Statistics

There are 1,733 players compared to the 1,887 we had the last time we posted the blog.

Wow! Those numbers are dropping.

There are 186 tribes on w31.

World Map

Top Tribes

Rank Tribe name Points of the best 40 players Total points Members Average points per player Villages Average points per village
1 FREE 313.444.395 437.244.005 65 6.726.831 44472 9.832
2 -RIE- 234.676.439 308.408.748 63 4.895.377 31147 9.902
3 FearUs 218.291.169 247.942.954 56 4.427.553 25189 9.843
4 *RIE* 107.828.534 111.503.679 45 2.477.860 11565 9.641
5 TNE 102.687.825 112.385.459 59 1.904.838 11859 9.477
6 =V= 46.499.064 47.016.642 50 940.333 4896 9.603
7 Chosen 36.960.328 36.960.328 24 1.540.014 3832 9.645
8 ~FHS~ 18.339.452 18.339.452 26 705.364 1903 9.637
9 Frogs 15.919.047 15.919.047 7 2.274.150 1694 9.397
10 Nuke 14.279.334 14.279.334 29 492.391 1568 9.107
11 BOA 10.134.805 10.134.805 19 533.411 1069 9.481
12 Simple 7.702.342 7.702.342 1 7.702.342 797 9.664
13 BASH! 6.496.695 6.496.695 1 6.496.695 661 9.829
14 ODD 5.704.624 5.704.624 1 5.704.624 547 10.429
15 BIRD 5.372.586 5.372.586 1 5.372.586 539 9.968
16 VRNT 5.067.569 5.168.081 60 86.135 705 7.331
17 -WD- 4.701.900 4.701.900 10 470.190 516 9.112
18 -X- 4.503.031 4.503.031 20 225.152 554 8.128
19 FATE 3.955.635 3.955.635 1 3.955.635 406 9.743
20 FRNDZ 2.863.898 2.863.898 2 1.431.949 289 9.910