Number One Descends

August 9, 2011 in World 037 News, World News, Worlds 31-40 News

The rank one player on World 37 is no longer in the rank one tribe. Read on for details why and an exclusive interview with the man himself!

On July 31 2011 at 23:33 server time, ‘SV Ostroski’ was dismissed from ‘1ns4n3’. One minute later he was received and invite to ‘ASCEND’ which he later accepted. Here is why…

‘SV Ostroski’ had been in contact with ‘ASCEND’ for a little while (mainly ‘Emporium22’ and ‘BEN69Z’). They discussed the idea of ‘SV Ostroski’ moving over to ‘ASCEND’. After several conversations it was decided that ‘SV Ostroski’ would be allowed an account sit in ‘ASCEND’ with council privileges.

The player ‘swordofthanatos’ discovered that ‘SV Ostroski’ had access to the tribe and it’s council which he certainly did not approve of. He then informed one of ‘1ns4n3’s’ leaders (‘AmishGangsta’) what the situation was between ‘SV Ostroski’ and ‘ASCEND’ which then lead to the dismissal of ‘SV Ostroski’ from ‘1ns4n3’.

Just before dismissal, SV ‘Ostroski’ received the following mails from ‘AmishGangsta’:

‘SV Ostroski’ replied to the above mails via Skype, denying the allegations, clearly with little effect.

Below is the interview I conducted with ‘SV Ostroski’ regarding these events:

Me: How does it feel to be back in ASCEND?

SVO: Very fun. I had not had impressive numbers of incomings for a very long time. Now I’m almost at 4 K incomings. Amish and I are having a 1 on 1, so far neither one of us has been able to take a village off the other side though.

Me: What are your first impressions of ASCEND?

SVO: A tribe desperately needing leadership and organization. It was (and probably still is) a chaos. When I asked for a simple noble count for an OP on 1ns4n3, a whole drama show started that caused a few people to leave the tribe. So I knew it would be very hard to be able to fix this tribe but I accepted the challenge anyways.

Me: Do you believe ASCEND has a genuine chance of still winning this world?

SVO: To be honest, I doubt it. Even with me on board, Ascend is still having many troubles and losing many villages to 1ns4n3 every day. We do however have a few OPs planned that will have tremendous effects on Ascend in the next few weeks.

Me: Do you think you will regret your decision of leaving 1ns4n3?

SVO: I don’t think I will ever regret leaving 1ns4n3. We are having so much fun right now. This game is not all about winning and being in the #1 tribe. Sometimes you have to do something different to make it more interesting for yourself; like joining the enemy tribe.

Me: What do you think of 1ns4n3 now?

SVO: With or without me, they are still the #1 tribe and I have lots of respect for many of them.

Me: Why were you dismissed from 1ns4n3?

SVO: I had issues with a few members there and the leadership was *beep* so I started to secretly plan things with Ascend to leave 1ns4n3 and join them. I was given a sit with council privileges in Ascend but one of the barons there didn’t like it and went to 1ns4n3’s duke with all the info and got me kicked.

Me: How do you feel you were treated by the leadership of 1ns4n3?

SVO: Like a forking tool.

Me: How do you think the world will end now?

SVO: There is still a huge chance that 1ns4n3 will win this world, but with me on the Ascend side it will take a bit longer. At least it will be more fun now.

Me: Thank you for your time.

So how has this affected the various parties involved?

For ‘SV Ostroski’ he has seen masses of support withdrawn, attacks sent and, tragically, many people have deleted him from their friend lists. He now has baron privileges in ‘ASCEND’ and is certainly putting those to effect. Also, he and ‘AmishGangsta’ will be going head to head in a personal war which will be interesting to observe. So far no villages have been conquered from the other side. May the best player win…

For ‘ASCEND’, they have gained valuable territory from recruiting ‘SV Ostroski’ and the friends who have followed him. However, territory has been lost as a consequence of his recruitment, with players leaving for other tribes because ‘SV Ostroski’ is back in ‘ASCEND’.  Also, ‘ASCEND’ have now made peace with and allied with ‘BACON’ because of the close connection between ‘BACON’ and ‘SV Ostroski’.

Tribe changes for ‘ASCEND':

‘1ns4n3’ are probably affected the least out of these three parties. It certainly is not a crisis for ‘1ns4n3’ that ‘SV Ostroski’ has joined their enemies despite his size. They are still rank one by a considerable amount and still look set to finish this world victorious. Perhaps this move has just prolonged the potentially inevitable end.

‘ASCEND’ versus ‘1ns4n3′ since ‘SV Ostroski joined ‘ASCEND':

Doesn’t appear ‘SV Ostroski’ has made much of an impact by looking at the statistics…

In other news, three players in ‘ASCEND’ have received punishment for multi accounting which has led to hundreds of ‘ASCEND’ villages being overrun by barbarians!

Also, an assault was launched by ‘ASCEND’ in an attempt to reclaim the villages lost to ‘1ns4n3’ in K57, which turned out to be a failure. If ‘ASCEND’ are going to try and win this war then they must run much better operations otherwise failure is the only option.

Thank you for reading; I hope you enjoyed this issue of the World 37 Blog!

All statistics are correct as of when the blog was published.