Now And Then III

March 20, 2011 in World 016 News, World News

Welcome readers. After a much too long interval, the blog is back. Unfortunately many events conflicted and took up way too much time in my life, but I’m back to writing for you again. This week, we’ll once again delve into the history of different players in W16, and get their own, personal views on what affected their experience on this world

In this issue of Now and Then, I looked exclusively at Plight players, none of whom I’d had the pleasure of really talking to before this. I’d like to thank RJGall, Jonesman, and Monsterbro for agreeing to do interviews with me, and for being so patient, both in waiting to do the interview as well as in waiting for it to appear on this blog.

First off was Jonesman. He was especially patient, having volunteered for an interview a couple months ago, and I would like to thank him again for that.

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Next was RJGall, who again was also very patient with me. Again, I thank him for his patience and willingness to do this interview with me.

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The third player I interviewed was Monsterbro. I was slightly surprised to find out where he was playing.

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Again, I would like to express my gratitude towards these three players for doing interviews with me, and again apologize to the readers for taking so long to get the blogs going again. I’m hoping that things will run smoother for this in the future. Part of that hope comes from the fact that I have been granted permission to begin discussing topics that are not completely W16 specific, so expect a broader range of topics in the future.

Although it may be unlikely that anyone here knows who he is, I also want to say thank you to Samulis. He is one of the head bloggers as well as the blogger for W9. He helped create a nice little tool for all the bloggers to use to help us clean up skype conversations, which used to be quite a lengthy a process. Thank you Sam for making life easier.

Thanks you all for continuing to read. Until next time, your W16 blogger and fellow spreader of carnage,