Now and Then II

December 27, 2010 in World 016 News, World News

Hello readers! Once again I bring you Now and Then, taking a look back at the history of individual players in W16 who are still here today, looking at their paths and specific events that got them to where they are today.

First, I’d like to wish everyone a belated merry Christmas. I hope you all enjoyed your time with friends and family during the attack breaks.

This week I interviewed three more players. Last month I chose players who had come from different areas originally: northwest, southwest, and southeast. Thinking about it, it was obvious that Plight in the northeast had been left out. After some thought, I also decided to classify the central core area as it’s own area since it is considered one early on in worlds. To round out the group with a third interview, I decided to choose a southeast player who took a much different path than Macondude.

So for this week, I give you haza teh great, Obryant, and The gammy 1.

First off was Haza. He was kind enough to volunteer for this interview, which I found extremely helpful those Plight players I once knew have quit or grown inactive over time for one reason or another.

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Next was Gammy, who was kind enough to do another interview with me

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Last but not least was Obryant.

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I’d like to thank these three again for doing interview with me for this blog, and a special thanks to Haza who was kind enough to spread the word in Plight that I was looking for volunteers for future Now and Then blogs. I already have a list of Plight volunteers starting for January and February for those who weren’t going to fit in this blog.

Even so, I’m always looking for volunteers. The only requirements are to have had an actual history on W16 and to still be playing the world today. I’m also always open to suggestions on how I can improve the content of my blogs or the quality of my writing. You can contact me however you like.

Thanks to all for reading again. Until next time, your W16 blogger and fellow spreader of carnage,