Northeast in shatters again and Northwest in trouble?

July 17, 2010 in Special Features, World 031 News, World News, Worlds 31-40 News

The Northeast has taken a major turn.

Northeast was never an stable place. Any time a top tribe is formed it is destroyed from with in the tribe. At one point this map was PUSH and OD infested. Now its a bunch of different tribes yet again. As you can see on my colorful map above the northeast has shattered into 8 main tribes. Chosen, PUSH, Karma, K15, FearUs, ~LEP~, SB, and the almighty FREE. But what caused this explosion in our world’s Northeast? It is the actions of PUSH!

“It is with a heavy heart that i must announce that PUSH! has fallen, not to its enemies, but to itself. The long awaited NE merge, just wasn’t to be. With the loss of our frontline with RIE, the few of us left found ourselves purposeless and lost. Our members are scattered amongst the ranks of several other tribes. Hear this, Cazd30 is not to blame for the fall. it is neither her fault, or any other individuals fault. Many will deny this pointing fingers every which way. But it is no one’s fault.” Stated by (Push’s ex spokesman) Harry0164

This was interesting but I wanted to know more about the situation. So I made an attempt to interview PUSH’s leader Cazd30.

Hello I am Ebony, (world 31 blogger) may I interview you for my next blog post?

“What you wanna know?” Cazd30 questioned.

Well PUSH has taken a major turn, and I would like to know what was the cause of this downfall?

“The major cause of the downfall was members supporting enemy players and not being willing to fight others because they were PA’s etc.” Cazd30 stated.

Do you have any regrets?

“I have no regrets i have met some wonderful players with the same intentions and we will continue 2 work closely together.” Cazd30 explained.

Also are there any future goals in store for PUSH or is this the end?

“Push took the major turn because i told everyone to go but they all knew i wouldnt leave them tribeless and i made sure everyone had an invite elsewhere.”

“This is the end of push :).”

Do you see any other major turns for any tribe in the future?
“I dont do predictions.” Cazd30 stated.
Well thank you for your cooperation and good luck to you where ever you decide to go.
“Thanks :).”
There it was, the interview with Cazd30. The leader of PUSH announces that this is the end of PUSH. I think there will be a lot of things going on in the Northeast; Now that its in shatters!

Now moving into the Northwest thats obviously controlled by RIE-F. I am here on the scene interviewing who is now, “Sole Ruler of RIE!” Thats right everyone Lord Azrim has gone barb!

Hello SirSkipalot,                                                                                                                              I am Ebony w31 blogger. May I interview you for my next blog post?

“Ok, Sure. Why not?” SirSkipalot replied

Thanks, Well the story thats got everyone talking is your co- duke going barb. Was this a surprise to you as well?

“Yes it was an unexpected surprise, but our leadership acted accordingly and quickly for the best interest of the tribe.” SirSkipalot explained.

Will this surprise effect your current wars?

“No.” SirSkipalot stated.

Do you think there will be any more surprises coming soon in w31?

“No, I do not think so but than again I cant see the future.”

OK, thank you for your time and may luck be with you & your tribe.

Looks like RIE-F has this all under control and the Northwest is as stable as a rock. But hey a surprise is a surprise. Anything could happen. Hey readers I want to hear from you post a comment, question, or/and request.

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World 31 Statistics as of (7/17/2010)

2,255 players

As you can see the number of active players has dropped in the last 4 weeks! Which leaves the world with a total of 229,272 villages

There are 243 tribes. 231 are at least 126 points. Over the last past 4 weeks active tribes have been up and down!

Top Tribes

Rank Tribe name Points of the best 40 player Total points Members Average points per player Villages Average points per village
1 FREE 253.731.728 367.446.109 69 5.325.306 37490 9.801
2 FearUs 195.461.098 240.847.646 63 3.822.979 24505 9.829
3 -RIE- 173.590.725 199.207.052 53 3.758.624 20319 9.804
4 -LIE- 105.164.698 105.490.899 41 2.572.949 10788 9.779
5 *RIE* 72.484.500 72.484.500 39 1.858.577 7521 9.638
6 ~ONE~ 68.796.030 68.796.030 37 1.859.352 7184 9.576
7 Chosen 44.517.503 44.517.503 22 2.023.523 4592 9.695
8 PUSH! 40.477.409 40.477.409 21 1.927.496 4160 9.730
9 ~LEP~ 30.795.981 30.832.418 45 685.165 3374 9.138
10 Karma 30.235.543 30.235.543 33 916.229 3380 8.945
11 =V= 20.954.422 20.954.422 33 634.982 2232 9.388
12 K15 19.904.500 19.904.500 11 1.809.500 2077 9.583
13 Frogs 14.982.663 14.982.663 11 1.362.060 1545 9.698
14 BLIM 11.869.455 11.869.455 37 320.796 1295 9.166
15 SB 11.036.442 11.036.442 8 1.379.555 1217 9.069
16 ~FHS~ 9.371.080 9.371.080 29 323.141 1029 9.107
17 F*WILL 8.290.440 8.290.440 2 4.145.220 812 10.210
18 BOA 8.026.791 8.026.791 27 297.289 905 8.869
19 KILZOM 7.702.687 7.702.687 2 3.851.344 697 11.051
20 RSB 7.065.097 7.065.097 13 543.469 745 9.483

Updates on Current Wars

Free vs. ~One~                                                                                                                   Timeframe: 18/06/2010 00:00:00 to 17/07/2010 23:05:27

Total conquers against opposite side:

Free: 988
~One~: 49
Difference: 939

Free is the number one tribe in the world. And they are proving thats where they belong!  I think if anyone doesn’t like this tribe they are going to have a hard time getting them out of their place. By the war stats that I posted above there is no doubt FREE will win! But hey stranger things have happened.

FearUs vs. Rie-F Timeframe: 30/05/2010 00:00:00 to 17/07/2010 23:05:27

Total conquers against opposite side:

FearUs: 887
Rie.F: 1,492
Difference: 605

Well this war is really interesting! There is so many things you could point out. The recruiting of PUSH would be one of them. Will these new FearUs members make a big impact? Will they fit in? Or will it be the fall of FearUs? Rie-F have proven they are top dogs over the number two tribe in the world. But that could change at any moment! Maybe all of the kicking of players and recruiting is a big plan; And Rie-F is falling right into their trap. Will this war end Rie? Will Rie take over the number 2 tribe in this world and become #1?

Stay tuned as I keep tabs on everything happening in W31. Next week I will try to get in contact with Free and FearUs to hear their thoughts on things; and whats happening in the south.

By, Ebony2345 blogger of w31 (Keepin ya Updated)

Hey readers I want to hear from you post a comment, question, or/and request. :)