NMS where art thou?

May 22, 2011 in World 040 News, World News

Well, what can I talk about this time? Well…

How about what the F**K has happened to the world? Or a better question may be; how we managed to get to the stage where one of the oldest tribes on World 40 disbands. Either way it makes for a very interesting next few editions of the World 40 Blog as I “try” to uncover some of the backdoor deals and goings on surrounding this “merge/collapse” of NMS. I’ll apologise now for the briefness of this Blog, but I was forced by some (and yes it involved whips!) to have a blog produced about the recent events. I will be releasing several Blogs this month containing interviews with several world leaders and key figures in the events that occurred these past few days. So although this Blog may be a bit brief as I was left with little time to arrange the interviews, you can expect several more to follow with the interviews as I get them in. Anyway enough of my babble, what went down with NMS?


NMS Where art thou?

Anyone who has bothered to log in over the past 3 days will have undoubtedly either spotted the gaping hole in the map or perhaps noticed they no longer have a Tribe. To cut a long story short, here are the brief bits of knowledge you will need to know about the events that took place.

Those of us in Kata F. received this circular mail from the leadership.

Several NMS Members listed in the below spoiler joined Kata F.

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NMS was disbanded.

The remainders of those having not joined Kata F. or =CB= have formed other tribes or have remained tribeless or inactive whichever way you choose to look at it.

Now, we must bed the question as to why NMS would disband/join Kata. Well, there may be several reasons that this early submission could be accredited to. Simply those left in NMS no longer wanted to pull dead weight? Inactivity, the toll of the war or possible internal strife’s? Over the next few days as I manage to secure interviews I will hopefully be able to shed more light on which of these is primarily to blame. Kata’s obvious involvement cannot be discredited; for whatever reason NMS disbanded it is likely it would have occurred without the pressure applied by its foes.

The final war stats of the Kata/NMS war:

Kata F. = 1689 Conquers.

NMS F. = 911 Conquers.

Difference = 778

The Map!

Below this is the final map of the world before NMS split, this was taken just hours before NMS disbanded.

Now, we can compare it to a map of today.

Surely I was not the only one to think that it looked like a gigantic heart on the map? :P

The map can be seen as one of two things, a disaster, or a blessing. For those in the north in =CB= this may come as somewhat of a blessing, with the sudden collapse of an empire it is understandable that things may be in disarray. So the gaping hole we see could work to =CB=’s advantage as it will give them ample time to restructure and reorganise in preparation for the ongoing war with Kata. However to another group of people this can be represented as nothing less than a geographical nightmare. Although most in Kata will be jolly and filled with joy now that NMS has gone; for those that are on the K60 line it will mean a long haul trip northwards to a new frontline possibly favouring =CB=.  The NMS war was fought on equal turf, both tribes had a well established core directly behind their frontlines whereas now with Kata moving North and =CB= moving south we may well see the stats favour =CB=. This can be due to =CB=’s depth in defence which Kata will not have unless they eat their way through all 3K’s separating the main body of Kata to the nearest focal frontlines.

Event Time!

I thought since everyone is so excited by the mail Morthy sent around announcing that registrations will soon be closing on World 40; i would run a little event. Have you ever wondered what Morthy does? Ever wanted to ask him something odd? No? me either..

But for names sake lets say you actually want to know something about him or the game in general. I have arranged with him that he will answer a few questions i pose to him. This is where you all come in! If you want a question posed to Morthy then simply do the following:

Write a letter addressed: “Blog Questions” and Mail it to “renshi p” in-game.

I will collect in all the questions, throw them into a hat and pick several of them to ask Morthy. These questions can be as wacky as you like; however anything too personal or vulgar will be rejected by the censor (me!) so keep it PG please. :D

Round up!

Now, thats about all I can surmise for this short blog; as I said earlier I will be releasing several more short blogs over the coming days as I manage to secure interviews with key political figures involved in the events. I am willing to bet a fair chunk that the vast majority of World 40 players will have found the disbandment of NMS to be a great shock. Many will undoubtedly be angry at the untimely and regretful demise of NMS however let us not live too much in the past, simply look at your screens and send more rage nukes at someone! My one final request is this, if I ask you for an interview; please don’t decline or I’ll be forced to unleash Wilfred!  :D

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