NiNi Takes Center Stage

February 1, 2011 in World 052 News, World News


This week we examine western relations, where superpower NiNi, who has held the rank one position by an alarming margin for several months, has its stronghold.

Who are they at war with?

Why haven’t other tribes joined the fray?

Let’s get started on this week’s blog.

World Map – Top 10 Tribes

P.S. makes an appearance, with relatively new tribes -SWAT- and RIM staying strong in the top 10 as well. WET overtakes B52s for the third spot, which was something of a surprise to me, but the two are still close with a mere 500k difference. Other tribes stay static, save CCH, who have moved from 8th from last week up to 6th today. With both WET and CCH making gains this week – the two tribes primarily engaged with NiNi – it’s time we took a closer look at their conflict.


Western Continents

This map is pretty familiar, with the additions of Phat and CJF to the west, who are, coincidentally, currently at war.

NiNi, as the rank one tribe, traditionally has many enemies or disgruntled players who have been on the receiving ends of their attacks. Their high ranking has earned them many accusations of hugging and mass-recruiting over the course of the world, and this remains a contested subject today.

Who are they at war with? Although it may not technically be defined as a war yet, seeing as there has been no declaration on any side, they have certainly been skirmishing with WET and CCH over the past few weeks.

CCH recently rose to prominence after it annexed members from the late tribes KU-Tz and HAVOC, though the tribe itself has been in existence since the start of the world, under various names. One member cited the combination of the tribes as a necessary response to “danger from NiNi and their underhand over recruiting and shoddy naps.” Strength through numbers, and it is obvious that the tribes would better coordinate under one banner.

WET, on the other hand, has also been around since late September, but has been seen on the international stage for several weeks now, in close proximity to NiNi. However, it wasn’t until just last week, when GHOST all but disbanded and several of their members hopped ship to WET, that they became a serious contender in the center of the world. Frankly, I will confess that I was always waiting for the day when WET would disband or become overwhelmed by the pressure of the surrounding tribes, but I was quite wrong apparently.

Together, the two tribes for a strong border to NiNi’s south, and cut off NiNi’s K55 players quite nicely from the mass. CCH’s duchess, Klmatt, would not divulge if the two tribes were working together, but their diplomat, Enyo., told me in confidence that he had “enrolled 7 other tribes in the fight against NiNi”. WET could not be reached for comment on their stance with CCH.

If they are, indeed, cooperating together against NiNi, CCH is not quite holding up its end of the bargin:

Nobled Villages

Over the past week, WET has held a positive difference of 22 over NiNi, whereas CCH is behind 11 villages. A couple of players from CCH explained that to me, though:

“Stats can be deceiving, as NiNi has manipulated them to their advantage. Our first op was on Canibal, a large player, who NiNi promptly ditched hoping to avoid it affecting their stats.”    – Klmatt

“NiNi’s underhand tactics are hilarious, we were kicking canibles arse, so they kicked him, we were kicking sir gramps arse… so they kicked him, do you see a pattern forming?”           – Enyo.

.M A R I O., speaking on behalf of NiNi, responded:

“The original coplayer [of Cannibal] got locked out of the account for some reason and basically could not log onto the account for a week+ so we had no other option than to kick him… sir gramps he had also quit before incomings started to come in. CCH has a weird way of thinking they are owning someone when they are behind in conquers and can only attack inactive accounts.” — .M A R I O.

.M A R I O. acknowledged that CCH is “formidable due to sheer size and density”, but voiced concerns that he thought “the communication is weak.” On the contrary, I got the opposite impression after speaking with CCH. Duchess Klmatt told me “… the spirit in the tribe is very high… We are having a blast working together. Our strength as a team is that we really are a team, and a hard working (and fun) one, and that the tribe is not a dictatorship, unlike our opponents. The other thing we are able to exploit is that we have several strong but small players, lots of morale busters, and we value them. This is a tribe that will not roll over and die or sell out its players.”

She raises a good point: NiNi’s morale against WET will certainly be a hindrance. NiNi has another thing going against them as well: their isolated players in K55.

One such player, Rainycloud, well-known for holding the rank one position for many moons during the start of the world, recently lost a good 29 villages over just the past two days to what appears to be an excellently ran op by WET.

WET nobling, as indicated in the map above, has mainly focused on single NiNi villages in the outskirts of their territory this week. They have not made much progress into K44, and in K53, where their new GHOST members reside, they have yet to take up the battle.

.M A R I O. admitted that “WET has done well so far”, but noted that NiNi’s initial problem was “how it’s taking so long for support to get to their destinations.” Once they have time to stack the frontlines and run successful ops of their own, NiNi’s prowess will begin to shine. .M A R I O. predicted an upturn of NiNi stats in the coming week.

This continent to watch at the moment in K44. If NiNi can push WET south and out the continent, they will better be able to flank them as they connect with their K55 regiment. On the other hand, were WET to expand north there, they would augment their border with CCH and really completely cut NiNi in two. Let’s hope for some more action in this area in the coming weeks.

With NiNi occupied with WET and CCH, it seems a prime time for other tribes to jump on the bandwagon. Tribes Bush, Phat, and CCC are ideally located to capitalize on NiNi’s predicament.

Naturally, all were wary of announcing their plans.

King Jame$., duke of Bush, wasn’t concerned at all about NiNi’s occupation of the continents neighboring them:

“I don’t believe it’s us who should be worried [of NiNi] :P They’ve never been in such a bad position before as they are in now. I don’t believe NiNi could hold warring all three [WET, CCH, and Bush] at the same time.” — King Jame$.

He would not comment directly on Bush’s diplomacy with NiNi, and was unwilling to indicate any intentions to attack NiNi. However, after talking with CCC, I understand the quandary Bush faces. Was up440, duke of CCC, assured me that “[Bush] are enemies with NiNi”. However, the CCC and Bush are currently NAP’d, and “with [their] agreement [Bush] cannot move into [K43].” Thus, CCC’s NAP with Bush safeguards NiNi from any invasion from that direction for the time being.

Was up440 indicated that he would not take lightly to Bush violating the NAP to invade K43, but at the same time, what is CCC’s stance with NiNi? The two tribes have always been very close, and .M A R I O. expressed that he did “ not believe they would jump on the anti-NiNi bandwagon.” His feelings may be misplaced: Was up440 said that he “[had] considered it, but we were quite busy and most of us would not be ready.” CCC is in the prime position to backstab NiNi at the moment, as they quite literally live in their backyard.

Phat, meanwhile, is still engaged with CJF and the other coalition of tribes upon which they recently declared. A war, incidentally, which despite their strong start, they are losing. Over the last week, CJF has taken 13 villages from Phat to Phat’s 2. As long as those two tribes are busy with each other, I doubt either of them would contemplate aggressions towards NiNi.

So, let’s summarize. Bush is allegedly “enemies with NiNi”, but cannot attack them due to a restriction in their NAP with CCC. CCC has thought about declaring on NiNi, but they have been otherwise occupied; with =K1= as of late. Phat and CJF are still busy with each other and won’t move on NiNi in the near future. Additionally, NiNi’s alliance with -MM- prevents involvement from them, not that they would want to, as my understanding is that NiNi and -MM- are on good terms.

NiNi will only be facing CCH and WET for now, then, but if some things are shaken up with their surrounding tribes, they could be in for quite a gangbang. .M A R I O. remained undaunted:

“As for being overwhelmed… It will only test our skills as a tribe and the skills of our leaders in NiNi. No one knows the outcome until it is finalized and that is the way I like to look at it as there will always be unexpected problems arising so it’s best to keep a cool head and take it one thing at a time on our march to winning our wars.” — .M A R I O.


In other news…

MT420, who was until recently a member of DALEK and GHOST, lost several dozen villages over the past few days to what appears to be B52s coordination. It doesn’t look like he’s going to be getting an invitation to B52s anytime soon :p

~D@M~ is still down 38 to 12 against -MM- and -SWAT- in conquered villages this week, and it doesn’t appear that what BreakinBones hinted at last week has happened yet.