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January 6, 2011 in Uncategorized, World 021 News

So whats been going on world 21? Read for an update on whats been what since the last blog.

Happy new year and hope you all had a great Christmas. Anyhow with the new year comes a new long awaited blog! I’m sure all glad and hereby declare as a new years resolution that for as long as I have the job of a blogger I will bring at least 1 blog a month and no matter how mundane the world would have been in that month I will bring it alive in my wonder blogs ;).


The first thing to discuss would be the worlds largest change which no doubt is the merge that =BCB= had with LT forming the tribe Panda! Which is lead by Fireborne the =BCB= leader and Shtaal who was one of the LT leaders. With this new large competitor on the market we can be sure that they will claim a stake in their territory which already consists of 18K’s mainly in the north eastern part of the world.

(A map of Panda!)


lead by the not a girl as first portrayed but the male spacemanspiff92, .:TA:. is the result of -AAS- and -ASA- finally coming together to join hands in one tribe which means the Geometrical Alliance is no more. The GA are and has been under fire from PnP for a very long time and suffer pushes from the southern Panda! members. The next blog will be focused on .:TA:.

Dr. NO’s happenings?

Since the last blog Dr. NO has been undergoing some, what seems… Downhill happenings. First with several Dr. NO members such as Satrix leaving and joining up with Panda! and now with the newly formed NOw formed up of currently 10 Ex-Dr. NO’s. Could this be a sign of a now inevitable ending for Dr. NO who have undergone much of world 21’s history who had faced a gang-banging from several large tribes and who took part in ending the rein of TESB? Or is this all just my speculation?

50% New year sale?

The vote for the half priced noble packets should be here soon! With the world member count being only at 1,076 we are no doubt due for our vote any moment now so long as the moderators deem it necessary however I would say most of the active world thinks so. With this the speed and activity of ennoblements would or should increase drastically and theoretically by double.

What are your world 21 predictions for this year? Here are some other peoples

Midnight11: W21 12 month projection

By the end of 12 months we will be looking at a top 20 that resembles something like this:
1. PnP 4-500 million points
2. Panda! 220 million points
3. ~IMP~ 170 million points
4. IT! 110 million points
5. .:TA:. 30 million or under points
6. Dr NO (remnants) 20 million points
7. Virus 15 million points
8. VOID 14 million points
9 + 10. will be FOOT and/or R.T.T. on around 10 million each

Significant events:
Dr NO’s time has come and the are crumbling fast.
Their current holdings in combination with NOw, will be absorbed/divided up between Panda!, ~IMP~, IT! and PnP, through a series of recruitments and noblings.
This process will probably take 7 to 8 months to complete and then there will only be the stubborn remnants (if any) that remain in the area which was once the Juggernaut Dr NO.

Half price nobles will soon be approved. The world will become smaller and as the larger tribes rush towards end game they will look to quickly wipe out the pesky rim tribes.
A point separation between “the top 4″ and “the rest” will become most apparent and it will represent the tribes who still have the ability to grow and expand and those who are simply, out of room.

The lack of room to expand and half price nobles will result in the elimination of the majority of holdings of the rim tribes as core/large tribes expand to the rim (see panda and IMP).

By the end of 2011 I think we will be only 4 or 5 months from the end of the server.

jerpmom: hmmmm
there will be fewer players
fewer active players
small outposts in enemy territory will be annihilated.
Players will turn up on other accts.
Inflated egos will always be a problem.

happy 2011 to you

Alexis73: well, lets see….

drno will crumble into a few different tribes, the top ones will join panda, the small ones will scramble to find other tribes to take them in.

IT will mop up a lot of drno inactives and will grow pass IMP.

you will see some of the “old” puffin players join 70% because this world has become boring, and that will make their game more fun.

IMP will hold even thou we are bombarded with 1000s attacks a day…because we are too stubborn to admit defeat.

half price nobles will come into effect by june, seeing a huge growth in the top 10 players.

scarlet ash will proceed to call alexis cell, and they will end up hooking up by late august :D

backie and duc will tie knot, leaving LT and midnight to hit the night seen on their own.

Backwards: The fall of Dr. NO (don’t need a crystal ball for that).

The fall of Virius

IMP-IT! merger

adrianroc: In a nut shell.

pnp will war panda as the last war of world 21.

Spacemanspiff92: Hmm
Dr. NO looks like they’re going down…
Other then that, I feel like things will remain very world 21-ey; fairly stagnant

Arctus: Well it’s easy to predict what will be happening.

My prediction would be that PnP will gain some more territory in the western border from IMP and Virius gang. This will provoke Imp and Virius to be more hostile and they will try to take more villages in the zones already under their control to replenish their lost villages.
Family tribes like ASA will grow a little stronger and possibly a little bolder to start a war with some neighboring tribes excluding PnP which will result in their demise since their players are either too weak or not experienced enough.

As in the north, I don’t know what to predict but I’m sure Panda will gain both from its western and eastern borders.

Personal prediction, I will be dead.

anonymous: PnP and Panda! become larger forcing out other tribes where they both nearly have clear dominance lead from the world, especially PnP to then lead to a large war between both tribes.

Esmerelda: As the current top 15 stands as I write this..

1. PnP
2. Panda
3. ~IMP~
4. IT!
5. Dr. NO
6. .:TA:.
7. NOw
8. Virius
9. 70%
10. ~VOID~
11. R.T.T
12. FOOT!
13. KitKat
14. hirr
15. KoN

I predict that over half of those names will have disappeared by the end of 2011 and half of those will also be from the Top 10