New year, New blog, World 13 is slowly ending

January 16, 2012 in World 013 News, World News, Worlds 11-20 News

I am going to start by apologizing for lack of blogs for our world. I’ll be honest, I have had almost zero interest in doing a blog for a world that has nothing going on other than INSO eating everyone in every direction. So with that in mind, let’s see what we have in this issue…

To start, let’s take a look at the numbers in the world.
We currently have:
123 players.
8 tribes.
318,640 villages.
Of those 318,640 villages, 251,707 are player owned.
INSO owns 180,824 (71.84%)
P:R owns 24,862 (10.02%)
Gensis owns 24,862 (9.88%)
NEB owns 13,888 (5.52%)
Bey0nd owns 4,787 (1.90%)
~PWC~ owns 440 (0.17%)
KotS owns 18 (0.01%)
FFS owns 0 (0.00%)

Our top 20 players are below.

You’ll notice that it shows ODA, ODD and ODX. I’ve spoken about ODX in the past, but I’ll give a little refresher.

ODX is the players ODA divided by their points. It’s a multiplier, to show comparative ODA to players with different point values.

How about a map? Sounds good to me!

It looks as if INSO is growing in every direction, with villages in almost all K’s. Let’s look at conquers for the last month, shall we? Same tribal colors as the above map.

Looks like almost every tribe is showing signs of life, with a clear dominant force.
I would love to sit here and break down what each tribe is doing in terms of conquers, but only INSO is actually nobling enemy villages. Every other tribe is eating it’s fill on Barbs. NEB and P:R have managed to snag a few INSO villages in the last month. A few as in, under 10.

May seem biased, but hey, the numbers don’t lie. Trying to show a tribe doing damage by nobling barbs and being cornered in doesn’t work.

Keep an eye out for some new things with the blog.  Maybe even a surprise interview ;)