(New) World7 Representation!

August 19, 2009 in I'm A New Blogger!, I'm A New Mod!, World 007 News, World News

Greetings, w7 followers. We now have somebody to recount/analyze/predict/spew propaganda about the finest world of the server. That’s the good news… the bad new is that I am the one to do it.

First, a bit about me:
I, giantsfrey/Zach/Frey/whatever you wanna call me, play world 7, and am a member of -WE-.  OK that’s all you need to know about me.  Quit stalking.

So now you all have to bear with me and submit to my expansive knowledge and musings!  Or you can call BS on me and post your own independent thoughts, but this is highly discouraged by me. Anyways, in this post I’ll spare you anything too harsh and just give a brief synopsis of the world’s recent trends and events this year.

1) The tribes THE and TFB are no more. TFB (in center of gameworld), the finest elite tribe in the gameworld and arguably on the server, succumbed to the demon of low membership and activity and merged into -WE- (southwest part of gameworld).  This made -WE- become the bad guy of the gameworld in one fell swoop, and -WE-‘s first move was to destroy the 2nd largest tribe in the game, THE (northwest part of gameworld) in 2 weeks’ time.  THE was toppled like a moist origami tower in the wake of an Albertan Chinook and now nearly the entire northwest is under -WE-‘s control.

This is a map of the world before that war:
And this is a map of the world after the THE was shattered:

Which brings us to the 2nd (and only other) main event of the gameworld now…

2) -WE- then jumped in on the FxF(in northeast of gameworld) vs PTT(southeast of gameworld) war, on the FxF side.  The war began pretty much the same as the THE war, with -WE- taking a net +40 million of PTT’s points in the first 2+ months.  PTT proved slightly more worthy than THE though and still exists, and their leaders maintain that they have “secret plans” for a comeback.

Here is the most current (aug9) map:


OK now is when everyone else gets to chime in and say stuff, or ask questions. I’ll be happy to share/banter/learn you lessons in the meanwhile, until next week, when I will begin posting more specific, fun stuff.

*Thanks go out to Colpo for the mapping. He’s been serving w7 with his map skills for a long time