New World 25 Blogger

May 16, 2010 in About Me Paragraphs, I'm A New Blogger!, World 025 News, World News

Hey Guys,

I am Alex and IGN alexmichie, yes i know not very Imaginative, I am the new World 25 Blogger, I hope to give w25 a fresh new look at the world.

I welcome all help or suggestions as i get used to WordPress and i hope my Blogs will be as good as yours.

About me, I have played w11 ign Re-Enforcements, W25 alexmichie, W38 sweetmisery and a few other worlds i tried out but had to much on my plate at that time, World 25 was my first world and my main world. Outside of Tribal Wars i am a Huge football (Soccer) fan, Since i live in Manchester,England i naturally support Manchester United, if you ever want to talk football or general chat hit me up on skype alex_michie11.

I have kept this as short as i could, i am glad to be part of this team and i will have lots of Fun Blogging with you!