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October 10, 2010 in I'm A New Blogger!, World 021 News

A new phase to an old world! What we have in store for the future, and a little behind the scenes with your future bloggers, Scarlet ash & Shtaal as well as a quick look back on September

The New Blog Brothers

Hello and welcome. This is our first of many blogs to come. Today is just an introduction of myself, Scarlet ash and my co-blogger Shtaal who will be giving you four blogs a month of what will obviously be full of non-stop fun.

Now as bloggers we hope you understand that our main aim is to satisfy you and to make your Tribalwars experience all that much more enjoyable. Our plans are to add all sorts of information and entertainment to spice up the world and to record the world from this point onwards in the “New Phase” of this old world. So read with anticipation.

Now… Onwards with the September basics and Archives.

September News

Exile at the Dr’s?

This first leads back to an NAP formed between the tribes DR. NO and ~IMP~. The rank 2 and 3 tribes. Originally at war for over a year. The two tribes agreed to an NAP which cut of the mutual relationship DR. NO and PnP shared and understood. Causing a bit of dismay between both tribes but one that kept under the carpet until a PnP member attacked and captured an ~IMP~ village and too his shock spotted support coming in from Silonce who intended it for the Imperial Dragoon in distress. Conversations sparked between PnP and DR. NO with one blunt result. Exile of Silonce. A fellow top 20 member now reduced to a sea of gray and a loss of a leader for DR. NO. Will they pick it back up? Seems so with now breindamegd a former Duke and scarlett-maiden taking the responsibility of leadership upon their shoulders and DR. NO picking up the left overs to return to their previous state. Whether this loss has done permanent damage is yet to be seen.

Maybe not flying pigs but…

Still none of the long awaited flying pigs what I’m relying on for my scratch card winnings. However to have placed a bet that Barbarians would transform into Pirates and Puffins. Who would have guessed? Yes you read correctly. A recent merge or recruitment. Whatever name you prefer to call such a thing… Has resulted in the acceptance of G.Barb into PnP. Somehow the underdogs in world 21 found the respect from a tyrant. Enough at least to be called family.

You may question why such a large tribe would adopt that of a rim dweller? Well it turns out that the war G.Barb has had with ViRiUs had caught the attention from PnP who then saw a mutual bond to expand and consolidate in K’s 93, 94 and 95. The enemy of my enemy is my friend concept seems to apply. Allowing ViRiUs a first class on-suite view of a black sea. Where will this lead?

Black – PnP | Blue – ~IMP~ | Lime Green – Virius | Purple – TLG | Yellow – ~VOID~

Who’s a big boy?

On the 26th of September it was officially one year ago since the Pirates and the Puffin’s (ARG! & PuFFiN) had merged together and formed what is the number one tribe today and has been since that date, PnP. Happy Birthday and heres to next year eh?

Half Priced Nobles

Some believe W.21 is at a dead end, others believe that w.21 may be entering a new phase within its life cycle. Tribes are quickly picking up new policies to survive; barley keeping up with the activity, and cornered into a dark fate. Others are embracing the change, and with it continue to dominate and filter out there opposition. Could we perhaps find ourselves with the last standing tribe filled with the active and the skilled, or find ourselves in an inactive, dying mess.

Half Priced nobles are drawing near; with much anticipation from the tribal wars “big players” community much are expecting things to quicken and heat up; to lay out who the final forces of this world really are. For others that are trying to solidify and find their ground, this could well be either a disadvantage or a boost. Little of the tribal wars forum has negative views on the topic so this could very soon become a realistic dream.

Can we expect half-priced nobles before Christmas, and could this really launch us off to a new stage of the world? Only time will tell.

The Archives

First off is a record of the top 20 so over time we can watch and compare which will be done each month.  After that is a picture of the world K dominance map which is run of a server made by nickjer.


K dominance Map