New W55 Blogger

September 16, 2011 in World 055 News, World News, Worlds 51-60 News

Hello everyone. I’m Justin, better known to some as Jurasu. On W55, I’m one of the Whowantstobemyfarm coplayers, and now I’m also the new blogger for W55.

I started playing TribalWars over three ago on W13. Amongst other names, I’ve also been known as Crosamich (W16) and Heinrichs (W45), as well as being one of the LadyandJuicy coplayers earlier in W55.

I started blogging nearly a year ago now, joining the team in early October of last year for W16. I first applied because I really enjoyed writing. I had no blogging experience what-so-ever at the time, but I saw it as an opportunity to try something new. I kept at it and worked to improve my writing. Since then I have also been promoted to Head Blogger, meaning I review applicants, watch over other bloggers, help them deal with issues and also give them feedback on their blogs.

Like I said, I’m ever trying to improve my writing and my blogging. Remember that I’m writing for you (the reader), so any and all constructive feedback is appreciated. It not only helps me improve, but also gives me the satisfaction of knowing that people are reading my blogs with some interest. Suggestions can be posted in comments to my blogs, in the topic in the public forums, or mailed to me on the forums.

In real life, I’m a history major at college. I’m going to try and blog as regularly as I can, but at times I can get busy, so please just bare with me. If at any point I seem to be taking too long, feel free to message me. I work better with the pressure and I’ll make sure to hurry up.

I’ll also be adding a new banner to my blogs as soon as I can blackmail¬†persuade one of my fellow bloggers to help me make one. Keep an eye out as I plan to start releasing my blogs fairly soon.

Until then, your W55 blogger