New W18 Blogger – Max vs George

August 5, 2010 in I'm A New Blogger!, World 018 News

New Blogger

Hello world 18, I am your new blogger; Max vs George.

I have been blogging on Tribalwars for the past month on High Performance and now have decided to do world 18 as well (because I also play this world) . As my username may hint, my name is Max and I am a young age of 17. I play Tribalwars for fun but sometimes I might get a little serious about things.

My Tribalwars experience dates back to world 2 and throughout world 2 all the way to world 18, 51 and High Performance, I have had short month breaks of the game. Many due to the fact of important exams and other things to do with my education.

I will be writing at least 4 posts a month  on the world 18 blog, I will also be giving interviews to the leaders of mostly Apoc-D, Apoc-C, Apoc-N, Apoc-F and the Balkan Alliance because I don’t think any of us know who the new Barons and Dukes are of “The World”.

I hope you enjoy my blogs and my first one will be out today or tomorrow. Thanks!

– Your world 18 blogger.