New blogger…..again?

January 9, 2011 in I'm A New Blogger!, World 043 News, World News

Not again >_< :

Well W43, it seems you have, yet again, a new blogger. Both my in game name and my forum name is duhrigs, but my real name is Ryan, feel free to address me by whichever you prefer. It is now my job to bring back to life the W43 blog. In the upcoming weeks I hope to keep you all entertained and informed on all the current events across W43 in an unbiased manner. I will attempt to keep it as creative and fun as possible. I appreciate constructive criticism and ideas! If you wish to get in contact with me then just shoot me a message or you can find me on skype under the name. ohairyan I am sure I will be in contact with many of you soon begging me for interviews. :P

Duhrigs who…? :

I have been playing this game for a couple of years now around the start of W30. I was lucky to find a great tribe on W30 that was willing to teach me, and many of those players can still be found in the tribe RAM. The experience was good, however, the world lacked my favored settings. Something about churches and archers just bothers me. I jumped around from world to world until i found one that I liked, W43.

This is the first world i would say that I have found any kind of success. I have done everything on this world ranging from leading a few top tribes (F~U/AAA) to just playing for kicks. (FRST) Despite the lack of action on this world, I have had fun growing with new friends and arguing with my enemies.

What is to come :

I know you all prefer reading about me, but I think the blog staff might get mad. In the months to come this blog will be filled with statistics, interviews, information, pictures, and maybe a rickroll link here and there. Until next week when I have something worthwhile to say…