World 40 Weekly News~Number One Player~

June 30, 2010 in World 040 News, World News

Hello world 40 Blog readers today is our first blog in about a year, today i will have a map of this world and the top 20 tribe and people.  Today i will be interviewing the highest player this world has ever seen so far, Dacritta. So i hope you guys enjoy this !

World Map

As we can see that the top two tribes are next to each other the UN tribe to the right and NMS in the center, i assume that the UN tribe is trying to push in the NMS continent but i also assume that the UN tribe is pushing up in the CB tribe trying to take it over and NMS pushing to the left trying to take RUM, but next week i will interview the UN tribe leader and maybe he can tell us a little about why he is fighting those wars!

Top Players Map

Top  20 Players

It looks like dacritta is the highest player and will be the highest for a long time!

Top 20 Tribes

It looks like NMS is far away as of now from the UN W40 points but Kata the third tribe is close to UN W40


Todays Interview was with dacritta the number one player on this world:

Introduce yourself to the readers

dacritta: Hey all, dacritta here most know me as Big Bug. “named by captain of RUM”

Is this the first world you have played? Do you play another worlds?

dacritta: this is my first time playing this game and only world

How does it feel to be Number 1? How hard was it to become that ?

dacritta: you know i just been doing the same thing since i started it kind of  happened not really any different from when i wasnt just found ways to be efficient with what i do

Do you take a Role in your Tribe?(if so what is it)

dacritta: i help with every role, although i dont have one I am just a member, but i know that my tribe values me and i do a lot to help others i have written and adjusted scripts, build and farming concepts for them

How come you don’t want to be in NMS or UN W40?? What makes you stay with that tribe?

dacritta: Well the only reason im #1 is RUM, without the guidance of great players in my tribe i wouldnt know what i do. I truly believe i am in the best tribe. We might not have the biggest members or the most members but i dont doubt for one second that the key members of my tribe are some of the best in the game.

Are you guys in war with another tribe??

dacritta: I only kill who im told too, so as far as wars i honestly dont know. I do know we are currently fighting on all fronts. But as far as who exactly i only know my targets

Until when do you think your going to play Tribalwars?

dacritta: until RUM is the last tribe or i die defending RUM

How long do you think you will be the number one player?

dacritta: someone will pass me, its just a matter of them trying too

Do you care about rankings?
dacritta: yeah, im competetive but its not the ranking. Its just doing the best i can and the ranking helps you know how well your doing. CORE im taking #1 ODA just gimme some time

What is your playing stratgy?
dacritta: Lol, I wish i could explain, im definitly not standard. But it seems to work. I know that many things i do RUM has directed me in, but i also have multiple variables i brought in that throws opponents off.At one point do you think your tribe will be number one?
dacritta: Yes i do, I think as we continue to play its only inevitable. Either #1 or dead. I prefer #1.well it was really nice interviewing you do you have any last words for World 40
dacritta: This game is great and thanks for all the people that i have met making it as fun as it is.

“You Dont Try,You Preform”