-MM- Exodus

April 17, 2011 in World 052 News, World News


We’re not talking about Lady Gaga’s new single Judas, or the upcoming Easter holiday when we mention the biblical term of “exodus” – we have our sights set strictly on W52. In perhaps the most startling series of events since the NiNi disbandment, former rank one tribe -MM- loses dozens members in an evacuation to northern -SWAT-, as internal distress climaxes. Full story inside!

What caused the internal climate in -MM- to deteriorate in the days leading up to the merge?

Why were P.S. members joining -MM- at the same time the latter was fleeing to -SWAT-?

How will the enormous -SWAT- family influence the tribes of W52?

Let’s get started with this week’s blog.

World Map – Top 10 Tribes

No longer can I confidently announce -MM- as holding the rank one title; on the contrary, they are now barely remaining in the top ten, firmly seated in the last position. This was, of course, a result of a merge into their ally -SWAT-. Although it is difficult to tell from looking at what is possibly one of the more bizarre maps to grace a world, -SWAT- was initially only situated in the north. As a result of their merge with -MM-, however, they have gained an enormous presence along the eastern continents and into the southeast. However, it may appear that -SWAT- has become almost overextended. We’ll take a look at that possibility further into the edition.

Coupled with the expansion of -SWAT-, their sister tribe Cops has also shot up in the rankings, debuting at sixth.

T.E. and CCH swap places, but other tribes stay static.

The Downfall of -MM-

The first person to initially leave -MM- for -SWAT- was MikeTheInsane, on 4/14 at 20:12 ST. Since then, a total of 29 additional members have fled -MM-.

I was informed of the developing events at approximately 5:00 ST the same day, and things moved incredibly rapidly in the following hours. IWillControl claimed responsibility for conducting the exodus:

“It started with me… There was a lot of flaming and blaming in the council at the time. I finally got fed up with it and contacted one of my buddies down south and he told me that the south knew something was up and was losing faith in the tribe. I decided that it was best to move the very active and dedicated players to -SWAT-.” – IWillControl

At the time, the -MM- high council consisted of IWillControl, Fatal Chance, Randdawg, Fanged Nightmare, and Ghanghis.

“When the council started flaming… there were sides taken. Fanged and I being one side, with Ghanghis and Fatal Chance on the other.” – IWillControl

According to IWillControl, Randdawg “was an innocent bystander” and not intimately involved in the arguing and disagreements.

Although ex-dukes Fanged Nightmare and Ghanghis exhibited every quality of a strong team and a potent match to captain the rank one tribe, Fanged noted that “Ghanghis and [he] had very different ideas on where the tribe should go.” Reportedly, the two players had a brief falling out, but Fanged later said that “Ghanghis and I were not the ones arguing which caused the split.” Ghanghis expanded:

“IWillControl started mailing people that he and Fanged Nightmare were leading a rebellion, which was lies. Fanged Nightmare was not involved – it was just IWillControl himself. In the end Fanged Nightmare still decided to leave for -SWAT-, because he felt most people would survive by doing so.” – Ghanghis

As we know, -MM- recently made amends with -SWAT- and re-allied with them after a brief war, following a previous diplomatic misunderstanding. Allegedly, however, some members in -MM- still secretly held resentment towards -SWAT- and were contemplating reneging on the peace treaty and declaring again. However, Ghanghis adamantly said that “this would never have happened, as long as I had a duking position.” Word leaked out to -SWAT-, despite no finality on any such plan:

“IWillControl had been leaking information from the highest council rooms, and did spy for Lavrikan3 [-SWAT- duke]. A quote, together with some discussions, made it look like we were planning a backstab on -SWAT-.” –Ghanghis

Under questioning, both IWillControl and Lavrikan3 firmly denied that IWillControl had in fact leaked classified information from -MM-.

Despite Ghanghis’s claim that he personally had no intentions of attacking -SWAT-, Lavrikan3 accused Ghanghis of “planning to try and backstab -SWAT- after the ceasefire.”

Is Ghanghis lying to show himself in a good light? Or was Lavrikan3 misinformed to the true going-ons of the -MM- council room? Did IWillControl really leak said sensitive information?

IWillControl was not alone in his desire to join -SWAT-. Two other ex–MM- players empathized:

“So needed a change, was suffocating in [-MM-] with such annoyance almost to the point of wanting to leave w52.” – The Talamasca

“We hung around waiting for things to get better, but they did not. So we decided to make our own future.” – Lawtonisw23

Fanged Nightmare said that he believed the merge was made with the best interests of -MM- at heart given the circumstances. Nevertheless, one ex-member of -MM- told me under the condition of anonymity that “[he] only joined -SWAT- because [his] neighbors did.” Admittedly, there was not many options for members that were less than chuffed by the idea of merging into -SWAT-. Fanged Nightmare has done his best, though, for those people:

“I have asked them to find new homes and several I have been in mails with and have organized invites for. For those who want to stay? They choose their fate. I wish them the best of luck.” – Fanged Nightmare

Likely, -SWAT- will commence on a mass-cleanup operation on the players remaining in -MM-, as the majority appear to be their weaker or inactive members. Ghanghis remains in -MM-, saying that “[his] own future is still to be decided.”

Fanged Nightmare has also taken a step back from the administrative role, due to future TW commitments.

“I joined [-SWAT-] as a member – plain and simple.” – Fanged Nightmare

In fact, Lavrikan3 said that no -MM- members had been absorbed into the -SWAT- aristocracy, which is somewhat unusual in a merge situation like this.

As mentioned before, -MM- was not the only tribe doing some merging this week. P.S., whom we discussed in depth in last week’s blog, abruptly settled on a NAP agreement with SOHK to end their war, with the intention of merging into -MM-. While I doubt that plan was put into effect with the idea of then moving to -SWAT-, that’s what ended up happening. Most P.S. members transferred directly to the -SWAT- family, giving them total control over the southeast.

“[We were] not tired of war, just looking at the situation, and trying to the find the most optimal solution, we could not take on two fronts with the fronts consisting of around 4 players… PS was dying, as much as no one wanted to believe it. We were getting hit on our front from SOHK and it was somewhat stunting our growth. A lot of members had gone inactive or quit, and the morale took hit after hit.” – Grinder, P.S. representative

Grinder also said that he thought it was P.S.’s best option to merge with -SWAT-.

-SWAT- now holds the continental dominance in a whopping 16 locations. However, there is a startling lapse in the K56 and K46 regions. That narrow strip of land is connecting the two large factions of -SWAT- together – the north and the south – and it seems improbable that they would even be part of the same tribe to the uninformed viewer.

Lavrikan3 said that -SWAT-’s impressive span “does not does not worry in the slightest”.

“We all have plenty of room to grow and that’s what we will do.” – Lavrikan3

He also had no qualms with the prospect of managing nearly 120 members.

-SWAT- has emerged as the tribe that has it all, with over 90m point in its family, and the superpower by a mile in the world.

Will the combined talents of -SWAT- and -MM- prevail together to offer the world a model of excellency?

Or will -SWAT- prove to have expanded too soon, too fast, and residual unrest in -MM- will consume both tribes?

Sorry about the walllll of text in this issue. I couldn’t find much to supplement with graphs and pictures.

If I may add a very short eulogy of -MM- in commemoration of its achievements and the community it provided, at least to me, during all these months that I have been proud to be a member. I lament the loss.

Hope you enjoyed the read :) Special surprise next week!