May 17th – As the world rotates

May 19, 2011 in World 013 News, World News

So May looks to be an interesting month thus far… More wars, More inactivity and more from the player that walked out on I**O!

You read that right. We will go into the details a bit later. For now, sit back and enjoy the read. It’s almost guaranteed to jump all over the place.

Let me start by saying that in this post, you will notice INSO is now I**O… I’m a bit worried to mention that tribes name due to players whining about me being biased towards them… ;) Gotta make my readers happy!

Let’s start with a new column I’ll be introducing into the .Net community! TW:Strategy. This section is dedicated to making you a better player through the various uses of tools, scripts, and everyday tips and tricks. There will be some special things in this section that you will find NO WHERE else. Things covered will go from the very basic to more advanced. Want to see how a top tribe like I**O works? This is the place to check it out.

Next up on the list of stuff to go over is ~PWC~ I sent out a circular mail to Dreamwizrd and Glamazonia, asking for some info on ~PWC~ to help me in getting a tribal spotlight done on them. The whole correspondence is below for you to read. Seems a bit hypocritical to call someone biased on one hand, and then not offer another side to a story, no?
So, without further adieu…

Mail between Noely and Glamazonia: Re: ~PWC~ Spotlight SelectShow

So, as you see, I get put into a tough position to try and make posts with views from both sides, when I can only see 1 side. For ~PWC~, I can give you a spotlight, but it won’t be what you want to see as your tribes last legacy. You guys, (players here in W13 AND other worlds) need to realize that the blog isn’t about a personal agenda, it’s not to make players/tribes look good or bad… It’s here to give a historical reference to the world. Some tribes, such as [R] and NOVA and others, deserve a spotlight here, and I’d love to be able to do it… But with literally no one giving me anything to run with, it’s incredibly hard to give you guys something you can look back at and go “yup, that was 100% dead on”

Next week, we will get a more indepth view at the ongoing wars, a look back at some of the players who recently quit and maybe some more goodies.

For now, let’s get the map for today.

I received a mail from a few players that a certain P:R player is actively trying to recruit I**O players… Maybe we will see more defectors?

BlackBird90 (aka MSMShrek) has been getting eaten alive and seems to have gone inactive along with some other players from NEB. Co-incidence?  Be sure to keep up with the blog, since we will have a player break down on various players.

I would like to take this time out to send my regards to a player I was speaking with on skype recently (you know who you are) He is going through a rough patch currently, and hasn’t been able to put his best effort forward. Most players are rooting for you, so don’t hesitate to send us a mail if you need something. Myself included. It will get better eventually, just try to keep positive.

Until next time, NoelyDeezNutz is done here.