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February 25, 2011 in World 017 News


Hello and welcome back to our w17 blog. This week we will look over some new things that happened not to long ago including 13th and [BA] in the heart of BoH. Who is BoH? Where did BoS go? Are they united for the final smashing battle? We will see and we shall find out.

To start off here is the list of top 20 tribes these statistics are from

Top 20 players these statistics are from

I made this map with the help of Samulis it shows the conquering tool from twstats and Nickjer maps

According to this map 13th(White) are nobling to their east which at this Time is BoH. Tao(Yellow) is moving to the south east Nobling BoH as well. [BA](Black) are moving into the east and seem to have jumped way passed the lines of BoH and nobled in the back of K89. *np*F (Green) are moving into the East which is HoB and BoS. In overall HoB(Orange) has a lot Of ground to cover from all these wars.


This map is the World map with every tribe in it also by nickjer

BoS and HaV basically merged together in a united fight for a “Limited time last stand” like the marvel team up. its all or nothing from this point on will they be able to make it?. I scheduled an interview with jehosophat.

Abdel: Hello Jehosophat once again for an interview.

Jeho: Hello Abdel, it’s good to talk with you again.

Abdel: You recently had a big merge with BoS. What are the benefits that you might get out of that merge?

Jeho: It allows us and our long time allies to work more closely together and strengthen our core. BoS and HaV were always loyal to each other and it made sense as both became small enough to merge all active members into one tribe. One thing we didn’t expect was how quickly such a merge would expose those not loyal to our cause. It help weed out uncommitted members, who fled into the arms of our enemies. I was happy to have those traitors out of our midst.

Abdel: How did you find out you had those traitors in your tribe. Other than them leaving and joining the enemy, were there any signs of betrayal from them?

Jeho: Most just chose to leave and join either NP or Titans. One was caught passing info to the enemy when a mail was discovered in a sat account.The merge wasn’t the only issue with betrayal. HaV had its own traitors too. One was Jason Moore, who has now deleted. It seems the silver tongue of our enemy has been able to twist the minds of some to their side, which is a shame. Yet as I have said many times, I would rather fight against all odds with a handful of trusted companions than deal with a score of unfaithful players.

Abdel: What was the reason Jason Moore deleted?

Jeho: You would have to ask him. He maintained to the end he had not betrayed us even when we had solid proof.

Abdel: Solid proof of what, and isn’t deleting betrayal of some sort?

Jeho: We had solid proof he was supporting our enemies against us in K89. And yes of course we consider him deleting a betrayal. It has left an entire continent a grey wasteland that we must gain back and keep our enemies from having a back door into our core.

Abdel: isn’t doing it a little late since 13th and [BA] are in there already?

Jeho: They are in there because Jason gave them some of his villages to get a foothold.
Look, we know the odds are against us- 3/4ths of the world is fighting us. Yet we will not quit and we will not roll over and give up. We have fought hard for 3 years, and will keep fighting hard until our last village. I have faith in my members. I am proud of them and how they have stood strong against all odds.

Abdel: MM_HUN had made fun of BoH on the forums what do you think of that? (

Jeho: I have read it and he does make some good points. But it is also easy for him to sit there with over half the world at his beck and call and poke fun. One on one, we would hold our own with any of the tribes we are fighting. since we won’t get the chance to prove that, we will have to prove how we can stand against them all. I do find it interesting that tribes such as 13th can’t see the writing on the wall. They will soon be boxed in by BA. Who do they think BA will turn on if BoH falls completely?

Abdel: Are you Implying that as soon as BoH fall BA will turn around and war against 13th?

Jeho: I am implying that they will have to war someone. This is TribalWARS not Tribalhugs. Looking at the map 13th would be the obvious choice. Especially since many of 13th’s members have expressed dislike for [BA] and MM_HUN in particular. If I am aware of that, I am sure MM_HUN is. Of course, since MM_HUN and I have not spoken since my forming of HAV about 9 months ago, I can not speak for him. I would encourage you to get his side of things.

Abdel: You are saying its possible to do so? because the times I tried I was ignored by him or shut down…

Jeho: I am only saying to be fair he should be given the opportunity to share his thoughts. Of course if he refuses, that is his prerogative. Though I am hard pressed to think of a good reason for him not to be interviewed.

Abdel: I have tried to ask him and if he wants to be interviewed i would be more than happy to interview him.

Jeho: Fair enough.

Abdel: Is there anything else that you would like to talk about or share with our readers?

Jeho: Going back to the merge between HaV and BoS, I want to be sure I am clear that we are ecstatic to be joined as one tribe. This merge has brought revival to all of us and we are privileged to now be joined with some of W17’s finest warriors. Through the combined leadership of Baindrenal and myself, I believe we can still stand strong against our foes and I am proud that they have chosen to fight alongside us. Make no mistake, BoH is here to stay. We will not run. We will not quit. MM_HUN himself will have to pry my last ax from my cold dead hand. I know the odds are against us, but stranger things have happened, and I believe we still have a chance to turn this thing around and have the stats in our favor.

Abdel: Thank you for your time and effort. Jeho, I really appreciate the time you spent on this interview.

Jeho: Thanks for having me, Abdel.