March Round-Up

March 30, 2011 in World 046 News, World News

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Welcome to the World 46 blog! As the month of March comes to a close.. it is once again time to have a Round Up! This month did not feature a ton of news, but several things did stand out….

The wars still rage on World 46. With no sign of abating, Skill? and Anarky have relentlessly carried on their war, with Skill? continuing to lead noticeably in conquers. However, a large move was made to speed this war along. Skill? recruited a number of TSB players on the latter’s border with Anarky, increasing the already long border that Anarky and Skill? share. What will this mean in the long run? It is not clear at this point, but it will most likely mean more conquers for Skill?.

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TSL has continued to pound TSB in their war. TSB has lost quite a bit of territory during the last month including a large portion of Continent 52.

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Inactives have played a large role in this, but regardless, 200 vils changing hands is not good in a war that involves such a small border compared to that which Anarky and Skill? share.

In other news, TSL became to first tribe in World 46 to surpass another milestone: that of 19,000 villages.

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That will be all for the in game round up for March… but this edition is far from over. While in game knowledge is all well and good… what everyone wants to know is what is going on behind the scenes. So.. this month, I took it upon myself to do a bit of digging and found out some great information. So.. the following is the first report of the Press Club of World 46!

First off, I took it upon myself to investigate a possible romantic affair between two dukes on world 46…. ChachINcharge of Skill?, and FireyFlame of Anarky.
I must first say, before anyone gets too anxious, that they are indeed involved in some sort of an affair. I found this out… mainly after I followed Chachi to a small house. After failing to spy in a back window, Chachi invited me into the house where he was attempting to seduce a very drunk Firey. Below is a picture that I took of Chachi after we both had drained a few more beers.

Unfortunately, due to the amount of liquor that I consumed, things got a bit hazy at this point. I do know that when I woke up, I was outside on the front lawn of the house in the nude.

I am planning on investigating this story further, and doing all things necessary to extract the truth… literally anything….

The next story that I followed during this month was one involving two TSL people named Rage and Dmoron. It has been rumored that the former has had to babysit the latter at the express command of Open Mind himself (duke of TSL)
To investigate this one, I posed as a door to door salesman. Under the guise of selling vacuums, I appeared at Rage’s door and asked him if he wanted a beautiful, limited edition “Henry” vacuum.

For some reason, Rage refused, so I attempted to force my way inside. This was when Dmoron appeared and began to cry vehemently and wave his fists.

Becoming frightened, I quickly abandoned the scene, with Rage hot on my tail with a broom. Fortunately my trusty sidekick Mantoo had my car running around the corner so I hopped in and escaped with only slight personal damage to my head and torso from Rage and his weapon.

Due to this unfortunate occurrence, I was unable to research any other of the personal stories that appeared during this month. I would like to reassure all those worried about my health however, that I did escape with only a few lacerations, which should heal shortly with only minor scarring.

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I hope that everyone enjoyed this month’s blogs, and I will continue to attempt to turn out quality content. If there are any issues, please contact me immediately. And thats all for now! I’ll see you next month folks!

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