Lost and Confused!

February 20, 2012 in World 061 News, World 61-70 News, World News

Help! I’m Lost and confused. What do I do!?

World 61 is the first that has introduced the brand new settings known as Limited hauls on .net servers, many players aren’t exactly sure of what they should do.  This setting has completely changed many player’s start up strategy. This new setting barely allow players to farm, especially at start up, which is essential for quick growth, so what should a player do or build? This blog will explore the possibilities of what one can do. So be sure to read it all!

To start off, what is limited hauls? This is a commonly asked question since the setting has been released. The setting itself is quite self-explanatory. Limited hauls is as the name states, there will be a limit to as how much you can haul each day from another village. How is the limited calculated? Is it by points? Skill? or simply a random number? Many have asked of this question before. No, the limit is not calculated by any of the possibilities that were listed above, but rather by time.

The standard formula for your limit is: (Hours on worlds / 24 + villages) * 1000.

Each world also had a maximum value for your limit. This varies from world to world, but once the maximum value has been reached your limit will never increase again.  The limit that was set for world 61 was 150,000 resources max per day in total.

If you lose villages it is possible for your limit to decrease.

  Where can I find more help on how Limited haul works, and how much I can haul? Well, below your rally point you will be able to see the amount of resources you have looted in the past 24 hours, as well as your current limit. Beside it, there is a (help) redirection where you can click to learn more about this brand new setting. The picture above should give everybody a clear view of where they should go.

There are many different possibilities and strategies one may explore within the setting Limited Haul. The common start up that many players have chosen seem to be the turtle/mixed idea. This does not necessary mean that every player or majority of the players out there have chosen this start up strategy. It merely states that majority of the players observed have been doing this said strategy. Now, many players may think, “Oh, a mix village, he must be pretty terrible at this game”. However, that is not true. Many premades that have started off, had actually enforced the idea of an defensive requirement build that every player must reach, as well as some non-premades tribes,  in order to protect themselves against the challenges up ahead that they have faced and may have to face.

If one goes entirely turtle, his noble options are merely limited to barbs/bonuses, and simply if you are smart enough to trick someone out of a village. This is where the mix village factor comes in, a turtle player sometimes do build certain amount of offense. Unless, the player acquired  another to clear the village for him/her, it could be a tribe mate, personal ally, basher, or if you tricked someone in doing so for you.  Often in the past, the idea of a mix village is frown upon, but at start up it is not such an entirely bad idea. Especially in a world with a setting as limited hauls.  Now, this does not mean I encourage everybody to explore the possibility of a mix village idea, that decision would be one’s own choice that they must make for themselves.

When it comes to nobling, these players just have to be extra careful and choose smart. Even for an offensive player, everyone needs to watch out for those that they wish to noble. It would simply be not worth it to waste all the time and resources on troops simply trying to clear one person and yet failed to do so. Especially if this said player has a tribe or personal allies that can back him/her up with enormous amount of support within a short amount of time.

Now does that mean everyone should go for the easiest targets? That perhaps we might as well all noble barbs? That is not exactly the case, however there are a number of players that have chosen to do so. This also creates a nice cluster for themselves. To be simply put, one must calculate that if it is truly worth it to take a village, base of what is the village build, and the amount of troops and time that would be lost trying to take and build up the said village.

 Now before we come to an end of our blog, let us take a look at some of the current rankings.


Rank #1 Sweet and Sour (Noodle)

The tribe Noodle has maintained the rank 1 for quite a bit of time, although it is hard to do so with Riot! right behind them. Not only that, they have achieved rank 1 OD for tribes as well. Although whether this is really a good or bad thing can’t really be said, as they do achieved the recognition for it, it also means that they have lost quite an amount of troops in order to achieve such an accomplishment. Despite the fact that they have lost some of their original crew. The tribe currently, as the time this blog was written, has gone through 121 changes, which is not that bad. They have received 2884 views on their twstats page, which proves that they are a commonly watched tribe. This tribe currently consist of 53 members.

Rank #2 Riot!

The tribe Riot! has been on the top 2 of tribes for quite some time now as well. They have been battling Noodle for the number one spot for quite some time now. Not only for  the points ranking, but the OD ranking as well. It maybe that someone is gunning for these top tribes. However, it appears that Noodle currently is still holding the rank away from them. The tribe itself has only gone through 115 changes as the time this blog was written. Which is pretty good, fairly low for a tribe, especially an top tribe. They have received 2,119 views on their twstats page, which proves they too are a tribe that are watched by many. Congratulations to Riot! for being the first to break the million point mark as a tribe. Well done!

Rank #3 Forever Marching (East)

There seems to be pattern occurring here. Since East is currently holding the rank #3 spot for both points and OD as well. They have gone through 197 changes, which is the highest out of the three top tribes. They consist of 53 members, the same as Noodle.

 These three premades have accomplished great heights, and are pulling away in points away from the rest of the tribes. With an amazing amount of approximately at least 200k of points away from the rank #4 tribe. They have all started in different directions, which may mean something there ;).  The scenario appears similar to the idea of “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” a classic Chinese novel.

 That concludes the blog. Thank you for tuning in.  Until next time!