Looking Back

December 30, 2010 in World 022 News, World News


This week is the last week of another year and I want to take you back, to this time last year to take a look at the Tribe Dominance Map.

This was the map for the 30th of December 2010.

This is one taken a year ago in September.

Interesting isn’t it. Two things cywaatch my attention. First, the expansion of XXXX, I know XIII disbanded and all that but you still have to credit their growth. Secondly, $CoD$’s growth, or lack of growth. They are now 1 tribe not 2 but still hold less ground.

It brings out a tear to see good old -ACT- on the map again. (They were my first proper tribe)

Anyway, sob story over, it’s time to look at the present and certainly someone in the spotlight right now is one of $CoD$’s best. It’s MythicEpidemic.

Ultimatum X: The war between XXXX and $CoD$ is comming to an interesting phase. How confident are you of keeping your K75?

MythicEpidemic: Interesting indeed. I never thought when the war first started that XXXX would be on my doorstep in a mere 8 months, but alas here they are. I’m confident in the fact that it will be a tough battle as it has always been on my other fronts but other than that it just depends on how much effort XXXX is willing to use on me to take k75.

Ultimatum X: Many members of XXXX and around the world say your one of, if not the best defenders in the game, and the stats show that. What makes you better than the rest?

*blush* Well, I wouldn’t say I was the best defender in the game thank you though. I have always told people the key to defending yourself consists of 4 elements: (1)Having enough time to dodge nukes and kill nobles, (2)having a good enough computer and internet connection to snipe the tight trains, (3)knowing where your support is at all times, and finally (4)tagging ALL incomings and being able to recognize your opponent’s attack strategy/patterns. After practicing these techniques for the better part of 3 years I think I can say I have sufficient skill at most of these elements. That is most likely why I am a successful defender.

Ultimatum X: I talk to people, quite a lot and whenever your the topic, you can be described as ruthless, how would you describe yourself?

MythicEpidemic: LOL ruthless eh? I suppose I would say that I am persistent when I have the time to be.

Ultimatum X: Finally, If you had the oportunity to join XXXX, what would you do?

MythicEpidemic: There is a time and place for everything. Right now they are my enemies and I would not let down my tribe when they need me the most. If $COD$ ever disbanded, then I would join them if they wanted to have me as a tribemate.

Unfortunately this will be the last blog for this year but then there is only a few hours left of this year.
See you in 2011,