LKJ – Issue 11

January 2, 2011 in World 033 News

Today we will be looking into the smaller tribes that are involved in world 33 .

In particular the rank 5 tribe LKJ.

We will be having an interview with a council member there called Roadhog .

I hope you enjoy this issue of the blog.

After that we will be taking a stroll on whats going on right now.

Roadhog interview:

Extra SelectShow

Hawks , TW & Detox V LKJ

Winning by around 70-100k points the last month . Well done for such a small tribe they are taking it to the West whereas their allies are loosing.

Top 5 Ranking In LKJ:

1.sent2oblivion 1,521,309
2 martinio140 1,017,333
3 Roadhog76 889,764
4 velniop 745,722
5 sdram 677,879 111

Top 5 Attackers In LKJ;
Anthony Fokker LKJ  3,622,844
sent2oblivion LKJ  3,057,982
sirwolftr LKJ  2,412,690
Ratzeputz LKJ  2,328,352
Roadhog76 LKJ   2,292,600

Top 5 Defenders In LKJ;

dzipo  12,194,205
Roadhog76  8,068,221
Ratzeputz  5,091,316
sirwolftr  3,502,406                                                                                                                     Anthony Fokker  2,614,544

As you can see only Roadhog is in all three. Congratulations to him and a worthy mention for dzipo who has 12million ODD without losing many villages at all. Congratulations to him !

I once again apologize for the lateness of this blog. There will be another out detailing the conquers during the break and another summing up all the nobling in 2010.

Thank you for reading my blogs so far . Any help is appreciated with new ideas too .

I hope you all had a happy new year .