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March 23, 2011 in World 024 News, World News

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According to my sources, many actual things have actually happened actually in W24 since the last update. I’m as surprised as anyone. Yes, that’s right – after too long of being on the wrong side of Dead Socks, a top tribe has left the world down to Hyper and Deus to duff hug it out.

I speak of course, of the groundshattering disbanding of Babylon Dynasty, mere minutes into their fatal war with Merc.T.


Nah, I’m a kidder. (Although that also happened, FYI). =TTD= are gone. As much as I dislike them taking my villages while I am off having a life playing PokéMon*, I am sad to see the world has effectively become a race of two horses.

Some may argue that =TTD= hasn’t been a player for a long time, possibly dating back to when they recruited to number 1, upsetting long-time allies Deus and leading to a catastrophic war fought more with wills than with might (i.e. “who-can-go-the-longest-without-barbing”), but until a tribe recognises in itself that it is fighting a losing battle, there’s no knowing when it’ll make a rebound. Consider, for example, the many occasions in TW history where tribes making initial war losses become the clear victors.

_=TTD= history

The Titan Dynasty (is it only me who feels vaguely unsettled upon seeing the actual names for tribes?) formed in the north-east in autumn, 2008. They soon secured an alliance with their neighbours GARUDA and from then on the two tribes controlled the north-east corner (though a big shout-out to all former _BURN_ members).

=TTD= played a supporting role in the following wars (such as GARUDA v Kinky and KINGS v MANIC). For more on their role in wars and world politics, I have consulted the W24 wiki:

It's clearly an area of great controversy.

=TTD= continued to play ‘under the radar’ and honoured their alliance with Deus, until someone somewhere in the works (possibly a former Storm player, if rumours are to be believed) realised that OMG WE ONLY NEED A FEW MORE PLAYERS TO BE NUMBER 1!

Kudos to them for realising, as Deus was about as active at the time as a race for legless greyhounds (if you are a legless greyhound and find this offensive, I apologise. It sounded cute, okay? And it’s a good thing when a girl calls you cute). =TTD= took the opportunity and recruited HDR players. It was not fully understood at the time that this would lead to their demise, as communication between =TTD= and Deus was, at the time, at an all-time low. Their shared forums were hit up once every fortnight and all attempts to set up a shared SkyPE room failed. The defunct Storm** chat got more action.

_how will history judge the Titans?

As they survived, and even thrived, deep into the late game… we’re going to remember them. How will we remember them? It depends which of these broad player categories we fall into.

_other news

Charmander, world 24 moderator, has a new sig. I really like it. If you were born in the late 80s or early 90s you should look at it too and feel the memories flood in. I remember this time I found a shiny Charizard in a booster pack… I traded it for some Dugtrios, because I liked was obsessed with them, and a Snorlax because I thought high retreat cost = rare, and the kid I traded it to SCRAPED IT AND SCRAPED IT ON THE PAVEMENT UNTIL THERE WAS NO SHINY LEFT.

Though, purely in the name of a fully balanced viewpoint on this particular life-changing news story, it does make Charmander look like he mods 28 different worlds (24 – 52), and says “it’s” instead of its. Not that I don’t doubt he has the power for such a feat; I’ve not seen any spam in W24 in ages *insert a winking emoticon that doesn’t look like you’re being creepy, but just wishes people would post moar, here, kthx*.


  • =TTD=, one of the world’s top tribes for many months, has left the game (for now).
  • Charmander has a new sig.
  • Deadsocks was traumatised as a child.

That’s all from me. Unbiased as ever. Of course. Thanks for reading, and tell me what you think! I’ll take the bad with the good with the mediocre with the average with the outstanding with the, you get the idea.

* – If you get the 3DS, add meh! 25th March dudes.
** – I hate typing Storm and H2O like a normal person, but I can’t find the function number keys on this laptop yet.