Lets Eat Some Noodles

March 9, 2012 in World 061 News, World 61-70 News, World News

 Noodles. A fairly simple food, easy to make and a great Tribe. Wait. What.? Yes thats right, Noodles is a premade top tribe on world 61 if you haven’t been paying attention in the past. Despite of their delicious sounding name, they contain quite an fair amount of decent players. Even with the exchange of leadership and some/many of their original members leaving, they are still standing strong at rank 3, with only 37 members! Perhaps its the fact that they have a delicious sounding name that yet again, they have a New enemy tribe after them.

Thats right a new war is on the horizon.

 New Family. Vs. Noodle

 It would seem that Noodle is always up against an enemy. This time however, the enemy is not just any regular players, but a tribe that contains a few of their own original members as well.

Some Statistics 

Side 1:
Tribes: New, -New-
Side 2:
Tribes: Noodle

Timeframe: Last week
Total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1: 18
Side 2: 14
Difference: 4

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1: 117,206
Side 2: 105,478
Difference: 11,728

Now recently New F. just acquired a new ally in this war, but also lost a leader or two within the tribe. As News Spread that Conor apparently has quit, as well as the fact that The Noob Rimmer, has left the tribe for another. Both these players were major leaders within the tribe, could New F. handle the problem and the change..? Only time will tell.

 Rumor has it that, Noodle like always, are still well connect. Perhaps, they too will have certain friends joining in the war helping them at this point as well. For the most part, New F. and Noodle aren’t exactly very close, position wise. The war is only mostly in areas where both tribes overlap. Most likely, Neither tribe will take apart another unless, with the help of a friend or the fall of leadership.

Overall the war had just started a few days ago. Although the tribes are a bit distanced from one another, this would still be quite an interesting war. As two of the top 20 tribes engage on this war.  With only less than a week into the war, the conquers have already gone up to the double digits.

During the duration of time while this blog was being written, there seems to be a few changes involved as well.  As mentioned earlier that it is true, Noodle does have quite a few friends and are quite connect. As this war seems to increase much larger in size by the minute. As two more top tribes have recently joined the war, with only possibly more to come.

As the south west side of the world seems to be slowly consumed into a large portion of war, one can only wonder. How would this affect their growth, and what would tribes surrounding such an area or within the area do? Could New prevail? Or would Noodle survive another war? Although results could be predicted, only time can tell us the final answer, as it is time for

Noodle + Versa F. + Gun F. Vs. New F. + NoDnt