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January 26, 2011 in World 024 News, World News

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Now to bring a little controversy home. I’ve been on a little hike from my home in K43 out to K10 with a quill and paper, in the hope of catching a few words with one of W24’s best known citizens. Some adore him, some deplore him, but one thing’s for sure – This guy will be remembered both as a personality and as a number 1 player.


I speak, of course, of Cypherrr. Despite fierce opposition from the top tribe of the time (Deus) and an all-out op against him, he survived the onslaught and continues to top the ranks at 7th place at time of print. In the process, he had to conquer around 2,000 new villages – more than most conquer in their entire TW career – in the space of a few months.

Even as a participant in that op, I couldn’t help but be intrigued as to what drives this man, who for the most part doesn’t even use scripts. At this stage of the game, it seems many people are losing interest and their drive to push themselves, sitting on a pile of unbuilt nobles and unused nukes… Or maybe I just speak for myself here.


So you climbed back up to the top 10 from down under, how did you find the will to continue?

I was refreshed because when Deus originally attacked I stopped playing TW, I knew I had no chance and it was pointless to spend every day trying to defend. If I had done
it would not of been good for my real life. It would have suffered and end of the day I would have lost anyway. I did, however, observe the attacks out of interest, and in the middle of it all I sent a train to my old friend Katooden’s area, just to keep my account alive so that I could watch the end of the world.

A while later Kat asked my opinion on what he should do with HDR, he had a chance to merge with =TTD= and was debating what to do. I told him, would you rather fight Deus on your own as HDR or with =TTD=?, he went ahead and made the world a little more interesting with Charshaun who I respect also, he’s a good guy.

He also asked me to play again in the form of another account. I told him no thanks, as I have always been against account hopping, I think it’s cheating and I will only ever use my own name and account. So I started nobling again… I had nothing special in mind, but I had soooo many nobles and got carried away.

What really got my fire up was DH, their leaders did not like me growing and despite crzyman luring me into a sense that we had a NAP and were all good, they ordered a guy called kingofspader to attack me one night. He was the same size as me then, I think DH had heard all the talk about me and thought I would be a push over.

Anyways, I was online when they betrayed me, so I hit kingofspader very hard and a couple of days later he surrendered and left DH. Over the next months DH leaders sent many different DH players to attack me and deal with me, I took villages of everyone who attacked as punishment but not once did the DH leaders attack me themselves. They were happy for others to lose villages doing there dirty work.

So I suppose you could say that DH, katooden and me having a bit of time and a lot of nobles is responsible for my growth. My playing ethic is just to enjoy myself. That’s all.

As players go, you’ve spent a lot of time on your own, without a tribe. Do you prefer this or regret this?

It’s my real life traits coming out in me, I’m afraid. I can be anti social at times and keep myself to myself way too much, I guess since kinky I’ve never settled anywhere. I was happy in S²ORM in the Deus war, but I really disliked wIzd0m and Woody. I used to bombard them with mails with ideas, asking why a lot of the backline members weren’t doing anything, I even made a massive chart showing everyone’s efforts, including sitting, supporting, and enoblements.

I spent a day doing it to have wIzd0m say, “no, it’s bad for morale”, and I was not allowed to post it like I wanted. I was hoping to shame people into doing something… but since it highlighted some leaders not bothering, it didn’t get posted. My time there came to an end when I witnessed a S²ORM leadership chat where wIz was slagging off core members with bad language. I didn’t like it, and left.

Also, me and wIzd0m were enemies in S²ORM vs Kinky, and well, I just got recruited for points. They didn’t give a —- about me, and never replied to my mails. Him nor Woody.
The only person who did was my group leader Fireabend and I became freinds with him, he was genuine and wanted to help make things better.

I have had the propaganda of all the best tribes in w24 against me at one time or another. From wIzd0m to Smurf and King Geldwolf. And being weak with words has not helped me either. I’ve made a lot of mistakes. The main one, I think, was when I let Woody into Sparta. I didn’t control anything, I just made Fireabend and Woody dukes, and it spiralled out of control. Hocchamp got invited and, without realising, I had broken my pact I made with Deus and Rukoh.

I was so glad to finally be a part of a tribe and have a home again that I just left Hocchamp in and decided, what the hell, I don’t want to play by myself anymore. It meant I broke my pact and word, but I had a team again. A couple of days later or so, Kriid mailed me saying Fire had sabotaged the S²ORM forums. I didn’t like this at all. I had words with Fire, I play fair and dislike stuff like that. After having words with him, I went to sleep and found out in the morning everyone had left. So I disbanded.

Since then, Katooden welcomed me into the HDR “family” and people like sgtboo, faabio and Sir Deano are good, honest, nice people. Though, I left HDR in the end so my name didn’t taint them and bring Deus/HYPER down upon them.

What future do you see for W24, in particular for the 3 top tribes of the moment?

I think that Garuda and Deus have been 2 different styles. Garuda made the world interesting and shocked the world with their bravado and “who dares, wins” attitude – Deus have played a damn good game but sadly, they’ve made the world boring. For example, the HYPER/Deus/TTD alliance of before was just awful in terms of making an interesting world. But I suppose, if given the chance, other people would have done the same. I think =TTD= will always have my respect for saying no to Deus and going for it. I’m honestly not sure Hyper will ever say no to Deus.

I think the players of the world are sick and tired and just want an easy time, so the Deus/HYPER alliance may last for a long time yet. Also, I think the way Deus has played has been great for diplomacy, but has left a lot of their players bored. It could hurt them a lot in the future. I think the slow state the world is in suits the HYPER players well, they’re happy to plod along at a slower pace, but the Deus players need a more action packed world.

Other than that Deus have got 2 very good and loyal people in fabio and sgtboo so who knows what could happen? It must be a great feeling for the Garuda members who are still there today. I’m very jealous, I wish Kinky had survived.

BTW, why’d you leave =TTD=?

I left =TTD= for the pure and simple reason that I came back to support HDR. I get on extremly well with Charshaun, we talk in other worlds and have chatted in 24 since the Deus/S²ORM war, but I only ever came back for Katooden and HDR. If I quit, fabio and sgtboo will get my villages, being the last HDR left – they’re good people and wish them all the best – I’m happy they’re in a good, friendly tribe.

Finally, what goals, if any, have you set for yourself in the future?

I don’t have any further goals, my last was to get 20 million points. I would like to finish off the DH leaders for being spineless, but end of the day I suppose you could say I’ve been on death row since I came back.

I am very disliked, for some good reasons and some not so good reasons. I wish I could have settled and been happy in a tribe with a good leader who chatted with me from time to time like jammer0 did, but I just didn’t find that good home again.

As a close person always said to me: “what will be, will be”.

_closing statement

So there you have it, ladies and gents. I was hoping for a few words, and yet W24’s number one nobler was somewhat more generous to me. For all the “popular opinion” about this guy, I can’t help but feel that he isn’t a bad role model.

I welcome any and all feedback/questions, as always – either post here (although it appears that the spam filter got a little zealous the past 2 weeks, so keep patient and your comment will appear) or contact me personally!… only, you won’t be able to, because I’ll be in ze Alpz. B-) Ohhh yeahhh, rock ‘n’ roll.

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