Just Another Brick in the Wall

October 9, 2010 in Announcements, I'm A New Blogger!, World 043 News, World News

Hello peeps! I am Osirus-tilung, you can call me Osirus if you like. I am taking the W43 blog hostage! (*insert applause here) I hope to entertain you between trains,keep you up to date with world news, bring insight from different vantage points, and most of all have fun! If you ever have any suggestions, complaints, rants, constructive criticisms, do not hesitate to drop me a line either via forum pm or skype ( scar_edream). All are welcome and encouraged to give input/feedback!

Ok, a little about me:

I started playing TW in the beginning of W7, where I learned a few things but mostly survived because I was in a huge family tribe (General Maclean was my duke). Well, just over 2m points and a sea of blue as far as you could see, I got extremely bored nobling 2k barbs….. so I suicided all my troops on our top member (who was rank 7 i think in the world), and of course he wiped me out :P

I played almost all the worlds between 6-21, nothing really special to note. I took a short break from TW, and came back for w28? I think it was… anyway, not a lot important, after taking another break I came in on the rim of W36. As W39 started, I joined Random, a premade that included the likes of Pervis, purple predator, tyr, and others. We completely dominated that world, I was rank #5 (19 of the top 20 were in our tribe), behind the leader by less then a village. Well, life happens, and I had to leave :(  I got an email here in june from an old mate in my w36 tribe– we talked a bit, then he told me he had an account here on W43 that needed an owner…. So I took over the Muhamedt account, playing it until just recently when it was transfered unwillingly to another person. So now I have the account under this name, all 1200pts of it LOL

Anyway, I’m here now, and will do my best to live up to W43’s expectations in their blogger!

Catch you very soon with something actually worth reading!