January is dead, but February is alive update :)

February 10, 2011 in Announcements, Uncategorized, World 001 News, World News

Hello! miss me? I dont think so…..lol

I have been gone, mostly because it snowed here and had some bad storms, and YES THERE ARE SNOWSTORMS IN TEXAS! im not making this up :)

But enough of that, let’s see how W1 is doing….



As you can see from this map that WLE has indeed been making progress in the past few weeks and months. What i believed and rumored to be the TRaP homeland is now being close to invaded by WLE and HELL troops. WLE is the only last original tribe to stand, and with the leaders Seren and Ogo as the head honchos they are really pushing this. 4 years into this world and yet the end is not in sight. Although, TRaP and ToRe have lost good leaders and players, they too are not doing too bad. TRaP has shown over and over that if they wake up and play like a team, world domination is not a problem for them. ToRe have always been that hard-fighting team, with a lot less players than the rest of the world, they too are gaining and holding important ground. It will be interesting by the end of the summer, to see where we stand.

Now for some stats…………


Total conquers against opposite side (Last 48 hrs):

Side 1 (WLE): 53
Side 2 (TRaP): 28
Difference: 25

WLE is winning the Total Conquerers with a little over 50. Not a bad job considering its the last 48 hrs. TRaP may be losing now, but they are not far behind, or out. Too many times have we seen this and then a mass K attack happens and WLE is on the defense once again, net months are crucial for both.


Total conquers against opposite side (last 48 hrs):

Side 1 (HELL): 25
Side 2 (ToRe): 3
Difference: 22

AHhh the very west of the world and the central meet for a clash. Seems TRaP have not really bothered to pay HELL attention, and HELL seem to be taking advantage of munching TRaP villages. Again, HELL are really more concerned with ToRe, but these two will have to meet in the end.


Total conquers against opposite side:

Side (HELL) 1: 9
Side 2 (ToRe): 8
Difference: 1

AHhh yes, this is the western war. ToRe are pushing forward and HELL are pushing back! this stalemate they have going is no new news….its been on for months, and years, but just heightened and now its getting more and more aggresive. Both tribes are good, but they need that little extra kick to both wake up, otherwise, very little to say here, except, WOW….how long will this one last?


Total conquers against opposite side (last 48 hours):

Side 1 (WLE): 0
Side 2 ToRe: 27
Difference: 27

As you can see WLE are not paying ToRe the wanted attention they deserve. ToRe is just picking off WLE with a total of 27 to 0 with no retaliation in the past 48 hours. Of course, WLE has always been concerned with ToRe however, they are making TRaP a priority, which can be both good and bad, given the fact that ToRe are in the southern K’s that WLE is trying to protect. It will be interesting to see what WLE does in the next few weeks and even months about ToRe.

Well folks that is all for this week, come back next week, and hopefully bigmatt will have agreed to an interview. :)