It’s The Final Countdown!

June 21, 2011 in World 049 News, World News, Worlds 41-50 News

Hello World 49! Welcome to my first ever issue of the World 49 blog. In this issue I shall be covering the current rankings of the top 20 tribes, the DuesEx situation and of course, the biggest news of it all, the ending of the Non-Aggression Pact between Deceit and BMF. The two giants of world 49. Lastly, I will have an interview with Terrafutan, not just about the war but also about DeusEx. I hope you enjoy the read!

Top 20 tribes

As you can see from the rankings Deceit still stand strong in the rank 1 position, now leading with 60 million point gap. BMF follow in rank two, trying their hardest to catch Deceit. In third and fourth, we have the two ‘basher’ tribes, *VLN* and CLN. In rank 5 we have DeusEx, who has recently dropped from rank 3 due to, what seems to be, internal issues between the members. From rank 6-20 we have the rest of the smaller tribes who are spread out among the rim, and throughout the giants territories, fighting for their survival.

The smaller rim  tribes have a huge task ahead of them if they wish to survive the oncoming onslaught, and I wish them all good luck.

Now on the topic everyone is talking about…

NAP Ending


This is how it stands at the moment. On June 14th, at 21:57 Sergei, a leader of Deceit, announced to the world that the NAP between Deceit and BMF was to end. Deceit have given BMF 10 days notice before they let loose, this is said to honour the original terms of the agreement. The ten days are up this Friday, on the 24th of June, 22:00ST. Both sides are gearing up for war, front lines are being stacked, ops being planned and any other last minute preparations are being sorted by both sides.

Deceit and BMF are not alone in this war either, each side has their own basher/allied tribes. Fighting with Deceit we have *VLN*, long standing allies to Deceit. Together they have fought many wars, some of which included Tag! and the EHorde family. Fighting with BMF we have CLN, a recently formed tribe, they seem to be made up of the smaller Ex BMF members and DuesEx members. Their roster also include many of the other bigger players from the smaller tribes which were dotted around BMF territory. Overall, Deceit and *VLN* are bigger than BMF and CLN in every way.

Now we know what the sides are lets have a quick look at the positioning. As you can see BMF and Deceit share a huge 11k front, which stretches from the very northern point of the world to the very southern point of the world. On top of that BMF share another front line with another set of Deceit and *VLN* player who were recruited from the collapse of DuesEx. This could play a huge role in the war, this could force BMF to take the vital support away from their already massive front line with Deceit.

With all that said, it does not mean a lot. This war is going to be a long and drawn out one, with the BMF side having a chance of winning still. I would also just like to say that throughout the whole war I shall be bringing coverage of the latest happenings and statistics in each of my blogs. I will also be bringing you interviews with hopefully the leaders of the tribes and many of the front line players.

Well, that just about covers it, all we can do now is wait. I would like to wish both sides very good luck in the coming war and hope that you all have fun, I hope to see most of you on the frontlines.

Link to thread + map:

DuesEx – What really did happen?

This topic has been discussed a bit in the forums, amongst all the war talk and trash talking. What happened to DuesEx and why? It is clear that there must have been a split in agreement somewhere along the line. Some of the DuesEx members and one of the old dukes have gone to CLN and BMF, while others, along with the other of their old dukes, have gone to *VLN* and Deceit.

Now you may be asking yourself, why is this important anyway? Well two reasons mainly, first of all the war. It changes the whole status quo, what was meant to be an more evenly matched East Vs West scenario, is now a more one sided fight with it being more West + South East Vs Core + North East. Secondly, when this happened, it looked like from the outside that DuesEx was stable and sound. It looked like they were ready for the coming war and nothing was going to stop them. So, finally, what did happen? Well for that we go to my interview with one of their old dukes, Terrafutan.



*My parts are in red, Terrafutans are in black

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So there you have it, all it takes is a few disagreements and even the most stable looking tribe can come crumbling down. I know I said I would wait until next week, but I have decided to edit in VMP’s interview and his view so that the stories are more easily compared and so that I can concentrate the second blog more on the war which is what my aim is.


*Again, my parts in red, VMP’s in black.

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That is all for the first issue of the new, World 49 blog. I hope you enjoyed the read and will come back next week for a look at the initial start to the war, and if everything goes according to plan, an interview with someone who will undoubtedly play an important role in the war.

So, see you next week world 49. ;)